Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dealing with Corruption, Greed, etc.

Channeling these teachings is a most enjoyable activity. Most channels are not capable of comprehending these accurate concepts, so they cannot be the ones to deliver them. Having an awakened channel able to accept these teachings makes this activity possible. Please consider these words, because they can assist in your awakening.

My goal today is to continue to explain the way things are. I've chosen to make this my most significant challenge - awakening the chelas with my communication through an awakened channel. Nothing about awakening has been included in my activity before this, only declaring that the most important thing to do for ascension is awaken. Now, my deep caring has opened this dialog to the challenge of being direct about the way the cosmos can deceive the mind of man and delay an awakening. Now, when the need to complete the ascension is becoming an urgent drama, I cannot ignore the call. Please accept these teachings as an open, curious student.

Corruption, deception, false content being delivered as news, and other dark appearing content that becomes agreed to by the masses is not God's doing. God does not desire any of these mentally driven goals. Only love comes as God's contribution to man's activities. Man, in his disregard for God's love, chooses another way of thinking. Not choosing love is what creates duality. Choosing God's way, the way of the heart, has always been available, and man can choose this at any moment. Most do not, allowing their mind's attitudes to lead.

Attitudes against the highest good are all developed as children in reaction to their life experiences. Once contained in the mental body, these attitudes become creators of unloving actions. Greed, corruption, antagonism, destruction and arrogance become the man's choice. Observing these in others can cause an attitude against these caustic creating thoughts, or make a man choose God's way for himself instead.

Prayer does not negate negative actions. Catholics, who go to confession to dissolve their acts of arrogance, do the same act on another day. Muslims have an active attitude against those who are not of their belief, and Jews consider themselves the victims of many diasporas and are negative against the injustices they have been subjected to. All these negative attitudes are not the love that God desires his children to give one another. An act of abusiveness, no matter what the excuse for it is, comes out of man's decision to be negative. All other God energized beliefs carry many of the same qualities as these three; not mentioning each by name does not make them more conscious than these.

One's consciousness is determined by an inner directed life or an ego directed one. Those leading an inner directed life do not choose an attitude against others, no matter how they act or appear. They are doing heart directed actions to make the lives of others better. No act of disrespect towards them will serve to cause them to attack the one being disrespectful. They will accept, as Jesus did during his crucifixion, that "they know not what they do." Men who initiate an attack are being driven by their ego.

Ego decides the man's attitude and actions, unless the heart has overridden this mental divider. Ego loves attention, and decides to be the aggressor or the victim as a choice. Considering oneself a victim is not only being against the one acting divisive, it doesn't account for the lessons being delivered as a cause and effect dynamic. All of these divisive acts are man's creation, not God's choice, but they do demonstrate a lack of consciousness in the division that is created, and can give an unaware man an opportunity to make awakening his goal of a lifetime. Awakening dissolves anger and all the other emotions of disturbance that an arrogant ego maintains. Heart choices never drive a man to give another a disrespectful attitude.

Crime is the act of an angry ego. Attack against anyone or anything, for control or revenge, is coming from the lowest level of awareness. Making an action against another may be a karmic condition, but it also is the ego's choice to do this in the present life, and this opportunity also allows for another choice to be made.

Allowing attacks on oneself or others is not the way of the heart either. Attacks can be defended. Arrogance can be ignored. Answering the cause can be courageous. Are the ones attacked always helpless? No. Attacks against one's self or one's brother may be the cause of an overt defense. No disrespect is being delivered in this circumstance. Does this mean that it is ok to attack a country when one group in that country attacks you? I'm not saying that. Not all attacks are to be avenged – only those that are delivered directly and in the moment the act is conveyed. Pure consciousness does not hold onto anger to get revenge.

Can man develop more conscious ways to deal with attacks on their soil or on their beliefs? Yes, more group communication and more awareness in mass consciousness can contribute towards this end. Are we (the spiritual hierarchy) able to alter the level of consciousness of man's ego? We do our best, but this is always the choice of man and we can only attempt to deliver higher consciousness, not force it on anyone. Can we alter this human condition? No, but humans can.

More than one open heart in an area creates an opportunity to demonstrate the value of having an open heart. Being heart directed can make a difference. When will this change occur? When you can do your part. Please choose the heart in all of your decisions.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Aruna, thank you very much for your part in introducing these messages to us, much appreciated.

    Dear St Germain, thank you for your directness in your messages. Some will love them, some not. I love them.

    Today I was aware of when I slipped into other than love. A driver darted out in front of me, and I was annoyed that they then proceeded to go slow in a fast zone. I thought how inconsiderate to do this. Then reflected on a 'day of love' and changed my thinking. Funny thing was they went to the same place I was going and I thought, maybe another lesson for me here. It is so easy for me to become annoyed with inconsiderate uncaring people, I obviously have a lot to learn to choose God's way.

    You have clarified many of the questions from the previous message.

    I desire to ascend and find it my focus throughout the day. But I have a long way to go still. The worldly stuff I am involved in takes a second place, even though I must deal with those in law, who have allowed crimes to be committed, which has placed me in a stressful emotional and financial situation.

    I have been trying to connect with you as you have mentioned in previous dialogues, but find it difficult, my tuning fork is out of kilter and needs a tuneup. I don't know what else to do and I am hopeless at meditation. I seek quiet and communing through the ocean provides some sanity to the current insanity.

    I must make my goal to be heart directed and work at this everyday. I want to experience ascension and be with my true soul family.

    Heart felt gratitude to you and all the other ascended masters.

  2. I am grateful to Aruna and Master St.Germain for these messages that I have been following for some time now.

    I do wonder however why St.Germain feels the need to justify the use of his channel.

    Not sure I agree with the comment: "Not all attacks are to be avenged - only those that are delivered directly ........"
    This does not sound spiritually mature, as a reaction of higher consciousness is called for when attacked by a lower density action. Unless S.G. was meaning to act in self defense.

  3. @ Anonymous 2,

    Perhaps not all channels are awakened and hence the messages are not clear as they should be, or a malicious entity can use an unawakened channel to provide incorrect information, a smokescreen, to keep us from getting the correct information.

    Who really knows? I profess to know nothing. The more I learn of these things, the less I want to know, as a lot of it is rather depressing, and the more I want to be out of the filth that goes on in the human world.

    It seems the devo's are not only in physical form but also in the ethers as well.

    Dear Saint Germain, should we be doing anything for protection against malicious attacks? Is sending love to the souls of the darkside enough?

    Do they make things hard for us, just because they can? When does our innate right to be free of manipulation and abuse and live a life of harmony and love with those we choose, come into reality? Only when we are not of 3D?

    Can we choose to ascend at any given moment? Not wait until conditions are right for the soul group? I am not even clear on what soul group I am connected with, as I feel rather a loner here.

    Thank you.

  4. In Agni Yoga it is recognized we are always under attack in the lower realms of the planet, the Samsara dimensions. l believe Master Saint Germain is talking about Psychic Self-defense. As the Shamballa initate evolves those subtle energies who have influenced humanity in our choice to descend into matter and the lower planes of the planet do not want to see an awakening humanity..or a powerful light adept emerging..awakening to thier God the light and love descends and is distributed thier power is diminished..and they will leave...remember.. you will be tested...that is thier could happen at any may need to discover your master powers and countermeasures such as Spiritual Decrees, surrounding youself in a Ring Pass Not of protection...calling in the Angels of Michael and in the Christ authority... command the entity that is overshadowing the person who is abusing you to be these decrees in private..but stay poised with moral and spiritual values. Master Jesus said the untouchables are coming...l have experienced this kind of instant protection. It is on this psychic level of personal, moral, and spiritual discrimination that you are being developed and tested. One of the greatest problems of the planet was the entities we created as God children creators in the use of discordant negative thoughts and actions...basically took over the 4th dimension, the astral plane.
    Many of us have spent many years in our subtle bodies with the angels clearing this realm.
    But the Masters, the Hierarchy and Michaels Legions have now cleared the astral dimension.. now the energy has jumped into the dense form dimension we can see..but our raising our frequencies and vibrations is diluting the dark in this dimension. Can a synthesis happen between the frequencies and the Lodges...l am not may be possible...humanity has the collective power to organize a trans- dimensional Golden Age but we are just awakening collectivly now..we will see.
    We may have to ascend to the new earth...
    then return...who knows...a new heaven
    and a new earth is coming.

  5. For many centuries,old testaments and prophesies,within Christianity,but also within other religious,are stated that CHRIST/CHRIST CONCIOUSNESS,Is to be the SAVIOUR of Humanity,leading man to the new Land of EDEN,To
    the new JERUSALIM,To the New Golden AGE.
    Christ/Christ Conciousness is been and HE still IS the Saviour of man,and is been a bit confusing how can we accept elimination of humanity,based only on Apathy and lack of
    concious awakening,and spiritual awareness.
    One of the major lessons derived from Your
    channeled messages,is that mastering and ascension,is not an achievement,and nobody
    explained better than You the reasons why.
    If by Humanity we mean the few thousands or
    millions,the ascended ones,the Earth can continue with,during the new Golden Age,is
    not for us to comment.
    If again it is The FATHER,S,The CHRIST,The
    Ascended Masters decision,we have no right
    to comment.
    If FATHER,S Grace,is embodised all creation,
    what about compasion and undersdanding for
    Humans Drama,what is the ACTION reguired,or asked for,to be taken,in order to change
    the possibility,of diverding the flow of energies reguired for balancing circumstanses,
    and change also the flow of events.YOU
    my dear S.GERMAIN said that few can make the differense,but many can MOVE MOUNTAINS.
    Right or wrong,humanity,s expectations,hopes
    and dreams,are based on these long existing
    through Christianity,beliefs and deep rooted
    Faith.There is no doubt that for altering circumstanses,GOD Way is the only way.
    But how one is perceiving This Way,is a matter of enlightment,mastering,and wisdom.
    Finally,what is giving merits to one,s man evolution,and shifting of conciousness,is not
    what one is concistanly thinks or he believes
    deep inside,but his ACTIONS.
    Actions is the outpicturing or manifestation,of one,s man thoughts,beliefs and life dreams,and thus is what is Define one,s lower or higher self.
    Thanks and greedings to YOU and ALL Ascended Masters.