Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your Help is Requested

Co-creating in the next days needs active love energy that you produce. All of you, not just a few, can make the light very bright now. God has deleted the dark, negative influences that he/she created to deliver unsuspected teachings about negative influences. What this means, is the end of managed influences in your energy field. Can they all be gone? Yes, God can do anything.

Many collective energies have been disbursed, so heart light can only be deleted by those living human lives. No more negative dictations to the mental body are coming to any of you. No more negative attitudes are being energized in your aura. No more answers that confuse are being delivered. You are now completely able to live the life you choose to live. Not that any circumstances will automatically alter themselves - altered circumstances will only occur when consciousness demands them to. Will the  ability to change all circumstances be equal? No, some circumstances will require many of like mind and less will be needed for others.

Your minds are being asked to contribute intention. Your bodies are needed to anchor light. Your hearts can light up entire areas by only giving an ok to our realm to bring in the energy. Are you able to give us this go ahead? Are you able to let go of the fear you have about this non-invasive co-creation? No one will be "overshadowed" by an Angel or Ascended Master – only divine light will come into the crown chakra to be grounded in the body's cells. Radiating this light depends on how clear one is in the absence of external influences. Can you completely empty the mental and emotional bodies as a test of this magnitude takes place? Can we do this together?

No dates or times will be given. Consider this an ongoing call. Identify the mental body's concerns and ask God to answer them. Are holding on to these concerns worth giving up an opportunity to Awaken? My comments about giving up your concerns can delete them in the answer God gives.

Your mental intention is most important. Focus on the light to be delivered to the entire galaxy through this little experiment. Purify your non-aligned thinking with Oms or another mantra that clears the mind. You can also hum a melody that has caring tones. As this melody enters the current mass consciousness, be aware of the atmosphere in the next days – as light from all over the galaxy will come to a mass of humans in gravity in a way that has never completely been accomplished before.

We are attempting to do this to avoid the effects of the comet detonation that could destroy human beings on the continents where they live. We are asking you to help us divert the fragments that could elevate a crises of comet destruction that comes next. Please do not go into fear. Nothing can destroy your domain unless you cannot become a beacon of light as I have just asked.

Clear the mind of all your comet concerns. Allow the body a good dose of accelerated transformation in the light of God's creative answer to your human intention. Be a warrior and tell God you want to be an anchor for divine love NOW!

Meditate whenever you can. Not to draw the light but rather, to be a clear vessel when it comes. No experience is needed for this work – only delivery of an agreement to be the light of your own divine nature.

An apparition may appear during this experiment. Consider it another message from God.

Chelas, can we count on you? Can this request be disseminated to as many light workers as can be contacted? We must act at once. In the density you are now in, a comet can deliver a major calamity. In a higher vibration it can be less destructive. Please turn on your light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. SG and Aruna, thanks for another quite interesting instalment.

    I have often felt 'managed' to some degree or another. Various things I have tried in my life here, have not worked out, controlled outcomes as well I suspect? So God created them to deliver our lessons? Interesting indeed. Now it comes to God deleting some of his creation. Why? Only God knows the answer to that.

    Can man save ourselves from the need to have us removed quickly from our home planet?

    If things are progressing as others out there are stating, we would have no need of any deletion of any kind, no interference, no messages from all the sources currently vying for man's attentions. What man brings upon ourselves is our destiny, whether man likes it or not. No doubt past events such as Atlantis can vouch for that one.

    A comet heading toward our planet is a most awesome event. Why would it be set on it's path, only to have it changed at the last moment? If man has created such an event to rid the planet of a rather destructive life form, who cares little for their wonderful habitat, why should it be stopped? The Earth will heal once the majority of humans who couldn't care less for her, are moved on.

    I care very much for her, how about you? Do you like to see the pollution? The raping and pillaging of her resources? I don't and yet I am part of it. I consume those resources whether I like it or not. In my opinion she needs a break from it all, before she is rendered completely barren.

    Why are we only now able to live the life we are meant to live? Makes no sense does it? If this is so, it means we have obviously not had any control whatsoever. Managed by external and internal forces we had little idea about. The deceivers masquerading as helpers in our heads as much as external influencers. Strange plan indeed.

    I have attempted to be an anchor for light, a pillar of light, a conduit for light, to have that light flow through wherever I am. I have no idea if any of it has made any difference. The intent has been there, the mental commitment been there, but has it made any difference at all? I can only pray so.

    If the comet comes and does impact, it will be for a reason. If it is a near miss, it will be for a reason. Why fear something we have no control over. Why not love it as well and send it light.

    You can count on me to do my best, and remember to try. I need a mental trigger throughout the day, like a lightswitch to turn on. To empty my mental and emotional bodies could be a major challenge for me as they have been working overtime lately. I will try. And God willing, achieve something.

  2. Thanks you Saint Germain and Aruna for your message, always so uplifting and recalling us our divine blueprint.

    Much gratitude from my heart to you and Aruna!!

  3. Dear Aruna and st. Germain, this to me sounds like a delicious message. Thank you very much and may we be all the light that is requested. Rolando.

  4. Dear Sir, this is a good exercise in activating the Morphogenetic Light Fields and the world mind around the planet. As well we appear to have maybe hundreds of thousands of Type III civilization light ships around the planet.
    UFO fleet Mexico

    This a small task for the Star Nations should we not request their assistance?

  5. yes master Saint germain and aruna mam

    i am sensing a difference in the last 4 or 5 days where in the sleep i am given lessons which are very simple yet very powerful in raising the consciousness . suddenly had a feeling that dross has left me. and breathing fresh air and seeing new vibrant sun light and going back to the same mind set when i was a 12 13 year old teen.

    gratitude to you all

  6. In a channeled message from THE FATHER-SOURCE-GREATOR,is clearly stated that:
    The time we came in to BEING,as an act of THE FATHER,S Love and Grace,we became part of the universal Soul,and universal THAT,With HIS Outbreathing,and ceased to exist with HIS Inbreathing,within the Fenomenon COSMOS.
    Nothing it exist as an act of our will,love,and wisdom,but because of HIS POWER,WILL,and WISDOM.
    A comment about the comet mentioned in Your
    latest messages:It seems that,from observations,this comet is very indelligent comet,making its own manouvras,travelling in hyperspace!Anyway, we believe that Humanity,either consedered as critical mass,Lightworkers,Lightbearers,chelas,adepts,or Masters,has so much Light in THAT,within The ABOVE spiridual groups ,enough to avoid collision,to minimise conceguenses,or change the orbit of the referred to comet.

    Thanks to The Master S.Germain,and All Ascended

  7. Hi Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Just curious to know, but I wonder if the comet which is mentioned here refers to Comet Elenin?

  8. Thanks to Aruna and Master St.Germain for this message. "No more negative dictations to the mental body...." I am sure glad about that. I found myself in a half sleep state one day running such a negative program in my mind "I cannot do this... I do not deserve ......etc." I was shocked then. Well, apparently we have been programmed with much bad stuff. I think we all need to take some action to "uninstall" any negative programs within ourselves.
    My question to Master St.Germain is: What about the negative energies present in the Astral level? Have they been "removed" or taken to the light as well?

    Anonymous1: I am sure that your light has helped a lot, we will not know for sure, but consider all the negativity and "unconscious" people on this planet and one persons light can lighten up the darkness of 1000's.
    Just keep in mind that just about all of us have been engineered, programmed and conditioned by the powers that were in charge of this planet.
    Love them all.

    We will be the light that we can. If the comet hits, so be it. We cannot be destroyed in any case.