Sunday, November 13, 2011

11-11 Continues its Contribution

After the great dimensional activation on 11-11 many of you do not have any desire to remain in 3D. Freedom from chaos is not the change that was needed. Freedom from anger, fear and defensive reactions against neighbors, accusers, demanding dictators, etc. is the ascended master's answer to chaos. Caring for all involved is the contribution he/she brings. Welcome to our world.

As an ascended master you can deliver many gifts to humanity. First love, next is contact with all who are needing it, and third, is the deep naked truth from the inner master that gives awareness on an "as needed" basis. Facing chaos is no longer your concern. Delivering the light that pours forth to comfort all who are disturbed is.

Channeling the highest teachings from angels and other masters is now the task that comes to you. Are you able to accept it? It is not too late to learn. When the master is able to deliver the truth, his channel needs to be CLEAR. When you ascended the arrogance of man's negativity, you contributed another access point for God awareness. Whether or not this means acting as a word channel is not important. An open channel for Christ consciousness delivers grace in many ways: your welcoming aura, your gift of divine caring, your meditative energy, your name in their active mind's content and your gratitude for their presence. These things give them evidence that they too can provide these things for others.

Whether or not one delivers messages doesn't matter. Another object of divine caring is being opened to more of God's grace. When help is needed in life's movie, divine grace can be near in the form of an ascended master.

Celebrate this major event. You will give healing to all who come near you. Nothing to do. Only BE.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. resonate with every word explaining the current state we are in

  2. The Ascension have occurred and it is implementing. people in spirit will come to understand that the new world be accepted Christ consciousness in manage to understand body? that now you must have the conscience to rise?.people are confused between Ascension and elevation. please say aruna upliftment. his thoughts on this master and help confiusion.they expected elevation. luca mio401 Italy.

  3. And if you speak about disappearing like in the other last message then i will tell you that every time that i am excited i think about the Elohim and i have read that their creators disappeared then i destroy myself in memory of that


  4. Thank you A.M St.Germain, I follow your communication and agree with the way forward for us that ascended in consciousness "only". Would you pleasecare to explain to us why there was this change in plans? Why did we not ascend physically as many of us expected and preparing for? I am behaving like an ascended master, and have been for the past 6 months or so and will continue to do so. But believe me, it is no fun down here in this chaotic world.

    For me this time was a very painful one, I am talking physical pain.
    I had a dream in which it appears I might have been holding a portal open for others.