Friday, November 11, 2011

Ascension's Next Step

What do you think of this new day? Are you new and light? Are you celebrating freedom? Can you be the dancing fool? Yes?  Welcome to my world. We can combine our auras in gratitude that our goal has come to pass. We can activate all the new dancers in their light bodies with our amazing grace. Are you an angel? Yes, and a member of the second wave of ascension. Are these words making sense to you? Can you give human gratitude to all who woke you up? Celebrate the new dawn with man's controllers as your new deliverers. Yes, we can now align with God's controllers as a means of delivering you to this moment. Will you completely disappear? Not yet. Enjoy awakened awareness. We want the group consciousness that is now available to be huge—contractions deleted—and new openings in all who are not ascended yet. All the candidates ready to ascend have done the needed changes to their opinions and their facts, as they formerly considered their beliefs to be. In one day all these old, deleted attitudes are null and void.

Are you negating this now? No reason to. We have done our next step today. When the next wave comes into their new awareness all will disappear in one giant step for man, as an astronaut once declared. This one step is more manageable than the one he took. No travel needed.

Change to your matrix has been accomplished. You are on a very different matrix than the day before this. Shall we take this time to detail the effects of this huge change? No need to for those now fully awakened. For those who are not feeling any different,  give me your attention. Please do not get contracted. This can be a wake-up call. Clear happiness can also be yours forever when you drop your control and negative approach to those you come in contact with. Face the fact that more work on your own consciousness needs doing. No ascension details are needed when only divine will lives through a man's character. When this occurs there is no "you" to continue life on Earth. "You" have ascended. Only the divine uses the body now.

Bodies cannot disappear as easily as the content of the mind. Happiness is the absolute deletion of man's identity combined with the the deletion of attitudes of a personal nature. What is happening today is this: No more "me" and no more control of mind in those bodies where ascension has occurred. Will the body disappear? Quite naturally, as any of those who have ascended can tell you. No big drama—no attention getter—only disappearing from what would be a man or woman's life. Now what about the media attention my messages were talking about? What do you think can energize that? A new day's expression in delight, a mass consciousness of love, a new change in the content of the next days creations. Please, don't get aroused and demented because my drama to get you able to ascend was not the exact content that is now occurring. It was what got you to the loving light that has now become the dominant energy in the entire mass consciousness today.  May we catapult this into dislodging the lack of awareness throughout human evolution into a new answer for man's development.

What can be done about the global money condition? Give, and give until no contractions occur when you do it. Allowing things to go through you easily activates the next direction of money. Now there are a lot of lack attitudes that include  gathering and hoarding. Negative attitudes all! Fear dominates this condition.  Can your new freedom from fear deliver more charity and more clearing out of the collections that drive money out of your control? Greed and hoarding are the very same consciousness. Hoarding is about "me." Giving is about "we." Today's new consciousness is about "we." "We" are not one by numbers, only consciousness. Others appear and disappear in our auric field to provide dramatizations of our mental attitudes. Once the attitudes of "me" and "others" dissolves there will be no condition of lack in your energy.

Will the banks come into these new conditions also? Not necessarily. All will continue to go down in chaos while those who are now ascended masters will not be disturbed. All of you will give and deliver other means of continuing the dance. But many of you will disappear also—some today and some on the days to follow. When the call comes, go outside and declare "I AM THAT I AM." Welcome this. Now that you are ascended in consciousness, this minor detail will matter not. After you finish your contract it could be at any moment. Cancel all anxiousness about the date and time, and delight all who live with the ascended awareness that came to you today. As the light competes its new ability to expand in degree within the body, anything can occur in any moment.

Believe in nothing, and clear the dense areas of the mind and body if any remain. Bless you, All is One.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. got the message thank u masters

  2. Thank you Aruna and St Germain.
    I have been struggling with tremendous pain on the left side of my face, especially my teeth for the past 48 hours. I went to the dentist and he found the teeth to be fine.
    It feels like strong energy moving in through my left brain, then the pain goes as far as my throat - only on the left side. So I hope this is related to ascension, otherwise I would have missed a whole lot, as I am unable to meditate or relax in any way at the moment.

  3. This is the coolest thing ever. I'm happy and laughing. Fun and ironic. Never mind that most around me would think I was crazy if I tried to explain. Doesn't matter. Will be fun to see what's next....and whatever that is, I'm good with that!

  4. Lots of Joy and Gratitude.