Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now Ascension Can Begin

October is now over and the ascension gateway is open. None have ascended. My teachings have not connected many to this gateway—more are needed to have the desired impact. Some will ascend during the next two weeks, although those making a complete ascension are few. We are not asking for the love of others to complete the incarnation cycle, much more is needed. Completing the next growth in awareness occurs as the natural deletion of mental concepts. This is what will define the attitudes within the mass consciousness in the next days.

Are the 5,000,000 who asked to complete in one more lifetime able to? Only one million, and many of them are not reading this blog. Pretending an ascension can be done is not the case here. Making it available to all of those ready for it has been our intention. This has been done. Those who are truly AWAKENED to what human consciousness is as their natural condition are to get the call. What's next is their choice. November 11, 2011 is the anticipated date. Are those ascending able to detach and disappear? We will soon know.

Flames of green and gold are being confirmed from our side of the veil. This means that the activation of divine consciousness has begun. All areas on the Earth have many new containers of this vibration giving out their light. Change in their daily lives may not be apparent, but anyone who comes into their auric field will be effected as a consequence of this contact.

Man does not have the ability to gauge his own level of awareness. Only those observing his aura can tell. All concepts about this or any other determination must be deleted. Your  mental desire for ascension is not needed.

Are these words giving you more clarity or confusion? Confused? Than more depth of awareness is needed. Clarity? Ascension is the next step.

Fragments of one multi-dimensional being are unable to ascend without all the others. All must be aligned in consciousness. Are these fragments all in the same physical area as the others? No, most are not. Then how will one know if the others are able to ascend? They can ask their higher self to give them that information. Can they assist the non-aligned to come into alignment? As one man to another they cannot. As one mass consciousness they can. Uplift the others by awakening yourself. Once one of the fragments awakens, the others will get that same awareness on the inner planes. It can develop them and make them more aware. Call it awakening or call it magic—neither actually applies. An advance in consciousness comes whenever a change of attitude occurs in man's mental dialog. Without negative dialog, any change that occurs within the whole will effect all of the parts. When all of the fragments are empty of their concepts, the divine offers them all its mastery. One fragment may appear more complete, even though all are consuming the same dose of light that is being delivered. Awakening the masses is now happening through these contributions of those who are already awake.

One awakened one in an area contributes to the mass consciousness in all areas, but the delivery of light in the actual location of the body does more for that area than all the others. This is why we ask our conduits to go to different places. Moving around does more to advance the consciousness in every area they appear. We want them to activate the awareness of anyone who can accept it. Does it matter where or who? No. Are we manipulating anyone? No, because acceptance is always in man's free will choice. All we do is open the gateways.

Hope is not a very activating concept. It does not demonstrate any conviction, and, in fact, it is the absolute denial of it. Neither hope nor desire for difference is needed from you as a method of altering the mass consciousness. Loving the complete duality as it is creates the kind of change that is needed. Not being against anything is the awareness we can move mountains with. Gratitude, appreciation, complete acceptance, and celebration of differences will make an ascension the next act of divine grace for all of the dear ones ready to complete their contract. All are being asked to ascend. Please be among those who will.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Could St. Germain please comment on the rumours/ unconfirmed reports that on that day (11.11.2011), the cabal would like to start something big that could draw away global attention (media attention) on mysterious disappearance of individuals (due to Ascension) on that day?

    Also, would like to know if the asteroid YU55 (as classified by NASA), the asteroid as mentioned by St. Germain which comes behind comet Elenin?

    There are also reports that the collapse of the dark cabal control is imminent due to the resistance of certain secret societies and government agencies. How true is it and if that's a good thing or otherwise?

    Looking forward to Ascended Master St. Germain views and comments. Thank you very much.

  2. Gratitude Master Saint Germain and Aruna Mam

  3. i don´t understand why ascension has now a gateway and it can begin
    i love you anyway and i communicate with you dear Saint Germain

    i hope this will help me to ascend
    i know the way is by closing pseudo creation
    i don´t know when will that happen or when does it happen or why
    they don´t want to give us any explication of that
    and after i close pseudo creation i need to wait a lot of time for ascension to occur
    i hope this gateway means that now it will take less time
    i feel more christic particles maybe i will ascend
    or maybe not
    i don´t understand the details and this blog is uncomfortable for reading

  4. Would you know my name if i saw you in heaven?

  5. i hope this time i will ascend finally,
    and if i ascend i will wait until it stops by itself.

  6. Dear AM - SG, would you please elaborate on this statement...although those making a complete ascension are few. What does complete ascencion mean? ....how many kinds of ascencions are there?

    Thank You.

  7. In reading today's message, it seems like ascencion is almost impossible to attain.

  8. They obligate me to drink medicaments that destroy my health and my neurons
    please help me
    my own family

  9. Just two questions to St.Germain and Aruna: ".....complete ascension are few..." So there has to be "incomplete" ascension as well. Would that be some who are ascended but still fully grounded in 3D and also therefore not disappear?

    If I followed correctly, of 5 Million on the planet as potential candidates, only about 1 Mill. awakened. What about the children star seeds? Do they need to be awakened as well?


  10. There is nothing to loss to believe in our God and become more faithful to him cos he is only the answer of our needs.