Monday, November 14, 2011

Moving Forward

What does it mean to disappear? Man is not an object. In the context of divine awareness man in an enigma, dreaming about another dimension than the one he claims to be on. In this dream he is not an answer to any of the mandates he declares—asking for them to be created by divinity. He is the divine creator he asks to do things for him. Silly isn't it, that his dream doesn't allow him to acknowledge the divinity that is his actual identity. Who is doing this? Collectively this is the doing of the mass consciousness. All these dream contributors designate the destiny of the dream. Change the dream and conditions in the dreamers awareness will change.

We of the Great White Brotherhood are also in the dream as allies and aids. There is no ability on our part to dismantle the concepts of the group of dreamers that dominate mass consciousness, but we can assist those who can accept our messages and alter their individual contribution.

Passive curiosity about how the universe works does nothing to change the dream. Collectively there is one dream and all of the mental concepts of an area or a group decide on the character of the drama they create. One dream is the collective awareness, but many dreams contribute to that collective. Anger and deep caring cancel each other out. Many angry answers to daily events continue to disturb all who are not angry. Caring also cancels anger. More and more caring occurs when a tragedy strikes and anger is disolved as a consequence. Can you now see why anger is needed to maintain duality and caring is needed to dismantle it?

Now we have many who are able to dismantle anger in their group and the larger dream consciousness. Answering the current controller conditions needs more caring to collapse the disturbance. More and more  caring deletes negative energy out of group consciousness, overturning anger as the dominant dream attitude. Caring can alter the entire dream.

Negative attitudes are the cause of all the dream's current activities. Greed, dominance and focusing only on achieving material goals negates an attitude of caring. Are you able to accept that this is the current mass consciousness dream? "Think and grow rich" has turned around the dream attitude of caring. It has overturned the neighbor concept and the close knit attitude of "all for one and one for all." Instead of the "all" it is now "all for one—me." Children of God aren't getting the message that an answer to their dilemma is in the caring about all and not only caring about one's own dream over the needs of those who are effected by it.

Personal goals are good, but no goals are better. Goals that make a difference in the lives of others can deliver the caring concept to all who are able to be influenced by another's need. No goals means that caring about others is like the automatic choice made in a disaster or a car accident. The inner call of the master in the body becomes the actor and does what is needed. Caring is natural. Choosing to be loving is not the answer. Not having goals that override the natural desire to give is.

Answers to all of today's dilemmas, including the money concerns, is in caring. Caring about one's own area of delivery is all one can do in a direct way, but divine caring includes all of God's creations and doing things for others not in your direct line of awareness is most important. One world is needed—not in assimilation or money control, only in caring. Solve all the challenges in the current dream as divine creators. Use your own awareness to deliver more God awareness to man's dream. Challenge the dominators to convince them they too can care.

Afraid of them? No need to be. Change comes out of caring. Greed can be dismantled when dreamers demand change. Are those who ascended able to go out of their comfort zone to demand caring about others? Are the homeless in your area cared about? Are the dead and dying in the world able to be cared about? I am not asking for an impossible drama to be altered by your caring. Collectively there can be more. Aren't there enough caring beings to overturn the greed goals of the few? One percent has all the wealth as a consequence of dreams not being chosen that include more caring.

Cancel the dream of dying and the dream of control of your domain and ask how you can contribute more caring. Ascension delivered many masters that are going to completely disappear as their bodies are able to be dissolved by more caring. Caring to deliver more awareness to others will elevate their consciousness to the Christ consciousness in all circumstances. Then they disappear. No "uplifting" is going to occur as methods of doing this are not currently available.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. If our path to ascension is determined by the dreams of mass consciousness, then I might as well jump from a cliff. If I can take a guess, around 6 billion people are still "asleep" and would have their priorities either on money (western countries) or survival. Yes there are a number of caring people as well, also seen by the numerous non profit organizations, soup kitchens etc., however they are in a small minority. Then we are up against the electromagnetic pollution and subliminal programming of the Elite, which is likely even more influencial than mass consciousness. This information should not be new to the Ascended Masters smf the GWB. How are we "handful" lightworkers to stand up to this? Divine Creator has ordered that we become free of this programming and control. You are telling us to challenge those that control the planet? What do you think we have been doing for the past 30 years? Sorry, but the first half of this message does not resonate at all.
    I have been walking this planet for years now in non judgement and unconditional love towards others with a caring respectful attitude. If this message was directed at the unconscious masses, it would make more sense.

    What does "uplifting" mean, if not "ascending"?

    Aruna, if I have misunderstood something please clarify.

  2. My understanding of today's message is: that those who have just ascended in consciousness (new ascended masters) will collectively contribute their new frequency to changing mass consciousness. As they deliver caring and more awareness (no longer dreaming) to the planet this will elevate others (including the controllers) in consciousness.
    The word "upliftment" as he has used it here refers to being physically lifted off the planet by spaceship or the Christian belief in a "rapture." He is saying here, and has said before, that ascending in consciousness will result in the dissolution of density in our physical bodies until they simply disappear.

  3. from anonymous, 2
    Thank you dear Saint Germain for your great and enduring love.
    And thank you Aruna for clarifying disappearance. It is easier for me to simply wait without judgement when information is unclear to me...answers do come. I look at the source of my disturbance, if that is the case with a message, and clear it. These things Saint Germain has suggested in several ways over the course of his efforts to help us elevate our consciousness. Doesn't the wise parent hold back some information from the child, letting the child discover many things on his own, even as he continues to guide the child toward answers. Blessings and love to our dear companions seeking mastery; and may we pass every test.

  4. Thanks aruna and Master new natural ethic, the new organic society and the man who feels for consciousness . I see the 5 dimension.THE consciousness inspired by central Sun crystals. Christ be back.i see the violet flame leading light. why the master doubt ? hear the song of the heart? why think? listen to the song of the heart.

  5. l do not know dear Sir if you have noticed millions of us in enviornmental, social, political and spiritual transformation have been caring for decades down here with little help to do so...thats the issue we have the Ascension of Society into a new caring society...the elite do not want this they want economic slave drones...and when you start to care and communicate the Flame of caring in ways that create some heat in the what forces come against you...again these are tests for our growing light...but all l am saying is humanity is totally tired and exhausted and every year the powers that be in our realm meet and do nothing and never respond to our crys for caring and change and sharing...and the cosmic regency seem not to able to respond fast enough for the needs of caring for exhausted humanity and the tired earth...we want to create a new world society based on caring and yet we are told the process is the disappear...beam me up scotty...are we too escape our caring?

  6. I feel very grateful for the ascension in consciousness I have come to since 11.11.11, through what I feel are some subtle yet very sweet hints from Saint Germain for those of us from the original first wave of ascension in consciousness.

    First, however, I'd like to comment on what Saint Germain has recently mentioned concerning aspects of the new ability for the newly ascended masters in consciousness ... centered in caring ... and this helps me to better "understand" the heart-opening process I lived through over the past two years. I became nearly overwhelmed with warmth and caring in my heart for all of humanity, and for the vast preciousness I feel that ALL ARE!! I have gained such compassion for how far we grew away from our memory of our preciousness, worthiness and true essence of love!; and such excitement to be part of its return to our consciousness!

    Now, on to what I AM aware of in consciousness as of the past 24 hours, with the help of Saint Germain's and Aruna's efforts...

    I was already feeling and knowing that my true IM-personal identity is I AM THAT I AM. HOWEVER...what I now feel ascended to in consciousness SINCE 11.11.11 is WHAT that ACTUALLY IS SAYING ABOUT ME!

    This excerpt is what really helped this open up for me: "Man is not an object. In the context of divine awareness man in an enigma, dreaming about another dimension than the one he claims to be on. In this dream he is not an answer to any of the mandates he declares—asking for them to be created by divinity. He is the divine creator he asks to do things for him. Silly isn't it, that his dream doesn't allow him to acknowledge the divinity that is his actual identity. Who is doing this?"

    I realized that claiming I AM THAT I AM as my identity means that I AM claiming my oneness with the Creator, which means that I AM "the divine creator" that I ask to do things for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This means that I AM CREATING ALL OF MY OWN ASCENSION IN CONSCIOUSNESS, because I am the divine creator of my own life. There is NO OTHER "ME" OUTSIDE OF THIS! As such, what will create the dissolution of my body here in this dream is MY CHOICE TO USE MY FREE WILL to fully align my truth with THE TRUTH OF ME! There is no God outside of my consciousness that is in control of my ascension, for my ascension IS God realizing/remembering Itself through and AS this I AM THAT I AM!

    The pull I feel from within my heart must be God's will I feel within me, AS this I AM THAT I AM. Therefore, what I feel is that it is now time to fully release all sense of dream-life identity, including "lightworker", "wayshower", "firstwaver"; even the name that is on my lease, driver's license and mail. It is now "time" to allow the Source Light of Love that fills me now to have me completely, which IS me being the divine creator of my own ascension. I believe this IS my call, and allowing myself to truly step all the way into the ascended master "shoes," which I AM here to "do," IS me taking full responsibility for what claiming the identity of I AM THAT I AM means!

    For me, ascension is not about getting to leave "here".... it's about "getting" to BE and share the love that I AM, and the process of feeling so very grateful and privileged to be a part of helping God's plan for Gaia and Humanity to be realized!

    Thank you to ALL, for my whole life, who have aided me in my process to awaken and ascend!

  7. Hi all. Most of the time I'm grateful, many times I'm appreciative, and I'm caring I think. But lately I just feel very very exhausted and detached. I am tired and I want to feel excited about life again. I feel like I want 2012 to pass soon so I can start living a normal life again. I don't want to expect anything from the future anymore or know what's going to happen or how I have to prepare for anything. I just want to live, peaceful, loving, happy and in joy. In love with life. I love you, I do. Rolando.

  8. Thank you for the compassion and guidence. My deepest graitutde. Perhaps feeling exhausted and detached, some feel as though they have been giving all they can and feel as though it has worn them down is a lesson. Light and service is flow, it does not drain but create more light and love within. If we are feeling depleated, perhaps stillness and just 'being' is of more service? The peace and light now is direct connection to Source. Change, shift, Ascension is a term for that direct connection. Expectation cannot experience Source, the utter simplicity of helping humanity is recognizing the connection. It is being a conduit and not an action always. Does a river ever tire of flowing from Source? Just a few words that came into my space as I read the replies and blog. love and light to all.

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