Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making a Commitment to Health

Channeling health information can be an act of defiance. I avoid being too defiant to keep this blog available. Not that I'm going to create a major demonstration or anything like that, but the most suppressed material on the planet has to do with the health of man and governments totally committed to destroying it. The UK, US and Australia and all countries being controlled by them do all in their power to destroy man's ability to care for himself in a natural way. Chemicals, mechanical devices, dietary additives, cell phones, wireless technology, incorrect dietary advice, major campaigns to eat unhealthy food, and chem trails are only the tip of the iceberg.

Organic food is not considered OK because the choice of buying degraded nutrition was being overtaken by the availability of good diets. Because of that, the governments of these three countries are doing their best to destroy man's ability to grow his own healthy food. GMOs are altering human cells and destroying agriculture on all of the continents.

Good, natural food can no longer be assured in any one's garden. Are these controls because of the public's desires? No, only government's candidates and their moneyed constituents. God's grace is being over managed by the companies that only consider their profits. Wealth comes to them with the health demolition of the people they draw their profits from. Wealth comes to them for destroying human health. Why? To make their money in the medical arena they need doctors delivering drugs. To make money in the agriculture business they need drugs in the food supply. To make money in the area of natural materials is not good enough. No new diseases would need to be researched. No doctors would be needed to give diagnosis and drugs. No big machines would need to be created to learn what new drugs can be prescribed. Can you get the gist of this big business that has evolved by poisoning the people?

You come to me with a question about health. How can I diagnose the dis-ease accurately? Too many dis-ease influences have contributed to the condition for me to claim that one or maybe to or three are the cause. Many causes have come together to destroy man's ability to be in good health.

Begin with the diet. Seek the best, cleanest food you can afford. Ask the doctors what natural treatments can be done. Consider the doctor only an advisor, not a drug pusher. Only take their advice when natural treatments are mentioned before drugs. Only take chemical drugs after attempting to heal yourself. Most chemical drugs are not able to heal you, only defer the cause temporarily. Drug companies need more money so they create more beds filled in hospitals. They do this by lobbying against any regulation and control of their own companies and for lots of regulations and control of natural health delivering products like creams and dietary supplements. If you are not a clean diet eater the cancellation of these products will guarantee you sickness.

Not able to give up the great taste of chemicals? You will have no natural ability to heal yourself very quickly. All of those diet additives do nothing but delete your ability to be healthy. Major companies are controlling your body. No man on this Earth is free of these human delivered dosages of unnatural chemicals. Naturalists get it in the food they eat and the air they breathe also. No place is hidden from airborne chemicals. Great forests are being devastated by those who dump pills into their toilets. Anyone ho does this has contributed to man's death march. Water contains non-aligned chemicals. Man can purify it, but trees cannot. Acid rain does nothing for them that is good.

Changing the subject just a bit, here's how to develop a very good health regimen:
1. Be careful about what you eat. Clean and alive with energy can be your choices. Meat and other animals are not good to eat because of what they are forced to digest. Beans, legumes, etc. can be delivered to the body without chemicals. Its not that meat is not OK to eat, just do it with love and gratitude to those who died to supply your need.
2. Always delete chemicals from your choices. Choose organic for health. Chemicals you breathe and absorb in the skin are as destructive a what you include in the diet.
3. Meditate daily to align the cells of your body to a calm condition before eating. Calm aids digestion. Stress delays assimilation.
4. Cancel thoughts about the quality of the food you are about to consume. No matter what you are eating add a dose of love to it. This will help you digest.
5. Give yourself the most care that you can. Rest and diet are important. Not enough sleep deprives the body of its ability to be healthy. Sitting quietly during the day to align with the life force within you is also a good health consideration.
6. Water: always drink the best cleanest water you can get. Filters are necessary. Changing the water's qualities are needed. Drink what the body desires. Not drinking is life threatening. Nothing is a good replacement for clean water. About 5 or 6 glasses daily is all that is needed.
7. Never take drugs you don't need. Drugs, prescription or otherwise, are not good for your body.
8. Go outside when the sun is shining. You need the sun's rays. Not to sunbathe, only 10 minutes a day is adequate.
9. Walk. Give up your cars whenever you can and drive only when necessary. Walking is the best medicine. Working out in a gym can defeat the goals you make for good health. Adequate exercise does not cause muscle aches.

Now, we have given an overview here. I could write volumes more, but my channel needs a life of her own. Making time for me on a daily basis is more than anyone can be asked to do. We ask for whatever the channel can do and still be open to aliveness in their human interactions.

Bring the love of your own heart to the world. Giving is the other "best medicine." Give with the love of your master within. It won't keep you healthy in a physical sense, but it will keep you happy and happiness is healing.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Why does it sounds to me like a grand's mother advice??
    I always knew Saint-Germain is related somehow with grandmothers
    They always dress some violet for pijama or clothes

  2. Its always good to see people promoting healthy, organic food. But there is more. Growing your own organic food is even better. Gaia knows you and can bias food with your DNA by holding seeds in your mouth before planting them. This lets the plant and Gaia know your particular needs, and the plants will work to provide them. There is very good information from a woman known as Anastasia in Siberia, her site is here.


    Here are some pages of my organic garden...



    You are right about GMOs and chemicals, man's greed leads him his do abominable things. Its very important to try your best not to eat GMOs and chemically treated food. You life depends on it. Unfortunately many people are ignorant of these facts, mainly young people, and it breaks my heart to see mass produced food pushed on them. Another atrocity is growth hormones in herd animals, and the obesity problems it causes.

    Like you I can go on and on about these topics. So, I'll stop here. Thanks for the good information...

    Peace, Love, and Light...

  3. This ecological discourse at this point seems a bit off, since according to St. Germain some will have their physical bodies dissolved by the end of this year and the others will go through the days of darkeness next year, when food will be scarce, be it organic or GMO, and will have their physical bodies dissolved by the end of next year,with those not ascending dying anyway.


  4. Hi Ascended Master St. Germain,

    You should have channeled such information to Aruna a long time ago as a separate volume in the The Master Messages as it is so vital for all of us in these end times... :P

    I look forward if you could squeeze in more information, especially when healing terminal illness and cancers.

    Thank you very much...

  5. Dear Master St. Germain,

    Would you please coment on the peogress of ascencion.

    Any particular advise you would give us to observe on 11.11.11?

    Thank you

  6. Loved this message -- thanks! Adding thoughts of love to the food we eat is a great advice! Sometimes,people eat whatever comes to their table; what they can afford... Love has the power to neutralize any element in the food that is not healthy.