Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Will Change Mass Consciousness

Giving is the answer to all the conditions that are caused by negative memories in the collective. Are you getting the message? You are now able to release memories of lives that were not abundant by giving. As you give, these memories of not having enough will dissolve. Cause and effect will draw to you what a inner motivated giving action does for those you are giving to. Give money, give love, give messages that grace others. Never before has the grace of God been so active. All you need do is live like a divine creator and give without the fear of deleting your own assets.

I don't mean to drain your assets in order to give. Give from abundance. What does not get used can be given to others who need these things. Give the messages that are in your heart. Act like you have an open channel for God's words because you do!

Make this day a giving day, and tomorrow too. All the days of your life you can give more, and this will cancel unconscious greed and give more to the life flow. I am not asking you to give away all the things you need to live—only gifts you are inspired to give because you no longer have an attitude of "need" that clings to them.

When you "need" you are making the object of that thought more important than it is. When you "need" there is lack in your memory. Can you go to live in another area with only one or two suitcases? Than you don't "need" anything else. Making your collected assets more cherished than another's "need" can cause contractions in you when none of these objects has any value. Gold, diamonds and other material objects with a high cost mean nothing to those who need major things like homes, clean water and food. What they need will come to them with no gathering attitude on their part. Collecting is great to do when it contributes grace to the maker of those items. But diamonds and gold are not derived from the kindness and inner creativity of those delivering them. They are lacking the most important ingredient: a loving gatherer. These materials all need a more conscious collector to make a loving contribution. Blood diamonds are the perfect example of lack consciousness being applied to the destiny of those receiving them. Greed in the diamond mine owners continues through the chain of connection to all involved in their distribution, and the consumer carries this vibration in their energy field when wearing then. All that sparkles does not necessarily carry joy in its core.

Wake up the light in every diamond with the grace of God. You are the light. You can give diamonds another energy. Carry them only when they have been cleared and infused with divine grace. All gems (and crystals) carry their collector's dreams in them. Clear these. All of the wealth you perceive is just a mental attitude, as nothing has more actual value than any other thing. More value comes from actions delivering energy that will make a difference in another's life.

After the asset value of diamonds and gold is weakened, their collectors will also "need" basic survival items and messages like "You are a divine being," "All the answers you need are within," "All material things are as man values them, not as God values them," and "All that you need will be available—have a great day to attract it to you," etc. What you do and say are worth far more than diamonds and gold.

Make a list of what you can deliver to others that will make a difference. Consider more recycling. Offer to give away all that you don't use at least once a year. There is no sense in collecting things that are not useful to you. Make your gifts out of love and no matter what they are they will be loved by the one receiving them. Positive attitudes are grace in action.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this holiday. Happy giving to those ready to celebrate giving and receiving each and every day. When your giving leads to loving attitudes in others you have angelically delivered more light to all around you (as well as the one on the receiving end). When love is contributed to the world more love can be made from it. Masks need to be removed. Open, honest lights are the answer to what the world needs now. Bless each other with light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. l think we who are evolving in Spirit and Ascension...l think we are not the same now as of last week after 11/11/11...several nights l could not sleep just a few hours..of course worrying about energy at work..but no
    problem even more energy more waking-fulness...l go too sleep l see mandala symbols in color inside eyes closed...l went to an event and at the break l said it would be nice to have a coffee suddenly two people jump up ...how do you like it... :) funny and weird... l was thinking l should call someone l have not in years..l get to a stop light and the license plate in front is that name..spooky...almost instant..this is a cellular 4D shift share your stories here something is happening. What are your post 11/11/11/ experiences?
    Let the God energy in...brothers and sisters...it is everywhere now.

  2. How can we be sure that ascension will occur this time and when will it occur?