Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Will You Disappear?

When the moment of disappearing arrives, the next level of contact with all that is completes. There will be no differences in the way things appear, no change in consciousness needed, and no discord in any attitude of the talk within. Only love will be in the cells, and no matter what occurs to the body, nothing can create disturbance. This is the fully awakened condition.

When the disappearance does occur, nothing that it creates will make a difference to the one disappearing. Only the anchoring of light the body energizes will make it apparent that anything has happened. Each ascended master is going to activate an area of at least one hundred meters in diameter. When this free gift arrives, will anyone change? Yes, as nothing of this nature can be dismissed. It will be like an atom bomb was disbursed, but this destruction will only annihilate negativity. This will be a love bomb, negating neediness and greed as a consequence.

Free the mind of all of its disturbances. Question your attitudes against any drama in your master's training and delete what ha caused you any contractions. Beliefs are not needed. Being NEUTRAL allows you to dance with all.

Nature does not do anything to cause negativity and yet much destruction comes to it. A man's goal to awaken asks to be disturbed so more awareness will continue to evoke the man's ability to wake-up. A new kind of character is happy and dancing to God's rhythm. After actively delivering this gift to mass consciousness, no words will be needed to make a difference. Walls will come down, new attitudes will replace negative ones, and the birth of a different paradigm will dissolve the old one.

Make no assumptions about the ability to ascend. Those who are able will disappear. Not one alone, but many at the same moment. Will those not disappearing know when this occurs? Maybe, maybe not. Being on the disappearing channel is the only obvious way to know.

Allowing God to decide when the disappearance will occur is the ONLY option. No one, including me, can make that call. Welcome to the world of being out of control. No decision can make things go against an ascension contract, only non-agreement. Cause and effect always delivers an effect, whatever the cause is.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the happiest of all? Ascension candidates, bless them all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. dear aruna and saint germain. i am a master in training. i am 23 y/o and i cant believe how much i contract on a daily basis. the absolute hardest part is harnessing my will power over my mind's demands. I give in way too easily to my mind in regards to my daily activities. i focus too much on gaining wealth because i want to do so much with it, and i grew up in utter poverty. i grasp and resonate with every word of every blog and my awareness grows daily. i think, ooooh this is what discernment is like. ooooh this is what the heart chakra feels like open, and whoops it closed up really quick what happened? and anger arising from the pit of my stomach... i have read that we are supposed to spontaneously let our emotions out but today i felt excited at the idea of getting in a fight with a woman. not very masterful. i smoke pot daily and even though the blogs indicated its ok and i feel deeply about marijuana usage, sometimes guilt stabs me like i need to be more productive, or face my bad moods head on.

    Just wanted to post, im working through the channeling course and its a process but i AM committed. I havent even read lesson five yet until i complete all the assignments. thank you dear aruna and saint germain. i hope to channel saint germain by december.

  2. "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the happiest of all? Ascension candidates, bless them all."
    Love you Saint Germain. Thanks Aruna. This is Aox10