Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Channeling the Highest Consciousness

The answers to today's changes already exist. Many new devices for moving away from fossil fuels have been made, only to be removed from man's grasp by oil and gas proponents. Clouds of smoke and many mirrors are about to be disbursed. What may be the greatest act of courage man has ever witnessed will soon come to the conscious awareness of all. Most of the controllers are to be mentioned in a book about heresy and the human agenda. Travesty may occur to the author. But no matter what happens in this regard, man will be shown the actual dynamic of how corruption and greed have destroyed man's connection to angels and companions in other dimensions. This agenda has been implemented to manipulate minds and cast doubt on higher consciousness modalities. No other cause of man's distress about control of his environment is as engineered as this one.

Clear channeling is the only method to get accurate information from other dimensions. Any other types of communication can be influenced by controllers. Ordinary channeling may also be interfered with, and all material about man's "great new world" is suspect and needs to be challenged. The controllers idea of a New World is one that "rises from the ashes" of the present one. Please know, this present world does not need to be destroyed. There is much that can be done to rejuvenate it.

However, when man denies that an obvious conspiracy is about to destroy his ability to control his own destiny, no visualization can overcome the destructive controllers' agenda. What will it take to manifest a better way? More acceptance of the way things are, and working to get a different eventual outcomes. Working may not be physical - it can be vibrational, but work is needed if good can come out of the destruction that has already been chosen by the deceivers and the controllers they manage.

There are many dimensions of consciousness. The most dense is man's current acceptance of his man-made conspiracy. The next dimension (4th) is the one where good cancels all negative manifestations. Moving into this dimension cannot occur if man continues to deny the changes taking place to his current (3D) manifestation. Acceptance and
major cause and effect actions can alter this controlled condition. Denial cannot do this.

Police are being trained to move against those who are going to give any clearing of the agenda being energized now. Making a difference at this moment begins with becoming aware, without reacting negatively to that awareness. Then, the next condition of man's angelic connection can begin.

It takes clear channeled guidance to detect the controllers advice from the guidance of angels. No channeling that is done by a novice can be trusted. No channeling done without clearing oneself of negative attitudes can be clear. No channeling that does not communicate in a way that man can understand it is clear. No channeling
full of "love and light" can be considered accurate if it does not include details of the next cause and effect scenario. No channeling that delivers the message "All is done, the light has won" is accurate. Ascended Masters do not deliver these kind of messages.

Prove a channeling is clear before you accept what it says. Ask the channel who delivers the message, "Is this message from the Christ consciousness?" Be sure the answer is a firm and quick "Yes", every other kind of answer is a "No". Any chela who accepts channeling must always challenge the deliverer of that channeling.

Meditate to actualize more angelic answers, awaken to your own channeled Christ consciousness. I AM THAT I AM consciousness has the most accurate answers you can get.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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