Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Call For Awakening

Freedom from all mental disturbance, conjured up in the mind, is the awakened condition. Doubt and fear disappears. There is no more distress about future or past events. Making a difference becomes your way of being. Are you near this life changing alteration to man's condition? If you think you are already Awake, consider these most obvious attributes, and see if you agree with all of them:

1. Mental chatter has disappeared.
2. Courage comes as easily as giving away material items.
3. Cheerful in every circumstance.
4. All masks of personality have been removed.
5. Channeling your Higher Self comes without doing anything to activate it. "Knowing" comes as needed.
6. Answers to all callings of the heart are "yes".
7. Mastery of being aware that all that is, is you.

Can you say "yes" to all of these things? No work is needed for those who can. Those who cannot, have more to do to get themselves ready to ascend.

Ascension cannot continue a disappointing life. All of the disappointments must become appreciated as  the building blocks needed to ascend. All mental constructs that make man's life a difficult game must be dissolved. Higher Self ends this game, mind cannot do it. Mind just needs the understanding of its new role. Only an Awakened one can teach about this. Neither a book nor an ET can make it occur. Higher Self is the ONLY source of an Awakening. The mind helps, by delivering conditions that make the Awakening possible.

An Awakened mind is clear of disturbance, no matter what happens to the body. Peace consumes it. Play becomes more enjoyable. Can this be the future for all? Maybe, but they must agree to look within to find it. Nothing, but the mind itself, can facilitate this change of attitude.  Is your mind willing to look inside to find peace? Is it willing to give your heart the lead? Can it be quiet enough to allow the True Nature, your divine essence, to be experienced? Are you able to say, wholeheartedly, that you want this alteration to your mind's decision making process? A "maybe" is not good enough. A full committed "Yes" must decide!

My cause and effect directions can give you more awareness about Awakening than most of the dictations channeled today, only because my channel comprehends Awakening, and doesn't cringe when my words discuss this topic.

Memories of other lives mean nothing to those who are awake. All karmic disturbances, in lives other than this one, do not need any disclosure, because the goals for this life include the dissolution of those disturbances. For example, the people chosen to be your cousins could have been the ones you had difficulties with in another lifetime. The circumstances of that condition can be created again, to be a another disturbance, or end in a new result. A new result dissolves that karmic debt. Always consider love the answer, and disturbances from all karmic conditions will be gone - with no karma left to clear. Love cancels karma. Awakening cancels all disturbances, so the most effective way to dissolve the past is to Awaken in the present. No debts, for any co-creation on Earth, are the cause of new experiences in other realms.

Prayer is one way to release karma. Pray for the highest good of all, and this decree gets a bigger charge in the co-creation process than an attempt to control the situation, or mind's dismissal of the condition. Force must never be considered. Force is the cause of another lifetime to be the Awakening one. Any control exerted over another draws a dark, negative condition for the next life. Power games do not make anyone a Master. Humility, heart directed action, and love, are the qualities found in a Master. Peace means there are no disturbances to control or mention to others. No disturbance cancels all karma. Are new and different experiences guaranteed? No, but the experiences you have are going to be considered differently than they would have been prior to Awakening.

Canceling karma eliminates the need for another life to "work things out". Consciousness has consumed all the control and denial configured into the mind for learning. Truth, as man can realize it, becomes apparent. Oneness is the only game in awareness. I Am That I Am is free to express through the body of an Awakened One.

Choosing how, is not mind's decision. Can this be the next level of spiritual awareness for all who need it? My call need only be answered in your mind. A "Yes", from a thoughtful clarity, is all that is required for my guidance to assist. Peace is possible NOW!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Beloved Master Saint Germain, Thank You so much for your love, wisdom y guidance.

    Love & Gratitude


  2. 7 times "no". I must be hopeless. But I do have hope that I can make it, whatever it is. Sometimes I don't really know what else I can do to awake. How can I speed up something that seems to be beyond "me", I don't feel in charge of my life, of my experiences, of my lessons, not even of my development. I do understand things with my mind, with my intelect, I discern, yes. But... It is not my reality in day- by- day activities, thinking processes, behaviours, words... I wish to be a hero, no matter how negative programms of mass consciousness suround me, but they affect me, maybe less and less, but still. So, do I still have time to learn and to understand? I this lifetime, that's what I mean. Do I have time to get what I come here for in this lifetime? Thank you for your guidance and for your patience, Compte de Saint Germain.

  3. Going joyfully with the flow of life, being centered and balanced in every thing we do, is great. The knowledge never ends, the lessons to learn never end. Since life is so, eternal. Since ourselves are so, eternal. Since universe is so, eternal. Since the progress never ends at any certain point. This is the greatest of the Creation. More I think about it, clearer the image of the Creator Himself.

  4. Exploring is the new "hobby" I have discovered. It gives me the happiness of knowing and peace. Yesterday it was mixed. I thought my first child is an indigo child and I never had a clue as I was raising him. Myself is an indigo child as well. Many of you are probably the same.

    I felt lost when I saw how much we have to do to bring about the Change. Not knowing where to start first, since every thing is important. Issues with our children is the first step, I conclude. Building the new planet must start with the care for our children. Brand new education system is needed urgently. Every body should be included in this system: teachers, parents, children, every citizen. Our attention never has been fully to our children. I am not talking about giving them basics for surviving, I mean more: our children needed the healthy environment that would welcome them as brave souls and warriors of a great mission they carry with them. They needed support, freedom, and encouragement to go ahead to fulfill their duty. Anyway they are doing what they have to do, but through much difficulties, many of these difficulties avoidable if we, adults, would act more as advocate of the new generation, the new future.