Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clarifying the Health Condition

When health deteriorates, the mind gets curious about the cause. As an illness has more to do with the mind than the body, it is not as amenable to mental diagnosis, or natural energy medicine, because healing must go beyond the mind. When mental attitudes cause dis-ease, no mental counter development will do.

Needs of this kind (the illnesses) are appearing, to cancel the mind's damage, and doing this requires mental disengagement. Control of an illness cannot be the cure. Curing will depend on overall awareness and counter measures that delete mind's involvement.

When an illness appears, it is always a message about non-alignment. When an accident or an attack of some kind occurs, these movements are for awareness to be increased. As this method of growth in awareness comes to aid the human, diet and good care cannot be dismissed as not being relevant.

When diet has a role to play, there is some kind of message given. Like a disturbance that indicates more attention be given to a partiular additive or food quality. Paying attention does not mean letting mind find the answer. Give the mind a rest. Get the healing technique that will counter the reaction from the great diagnoser: the body.

Ask the body what needs to be used for healing. Ask about the diet making the body dis-eased. Ask for guidance. What the body answers must be the accurate answer. Mind doesn't get its answers this way very often, so when you begin asking for the body's guidance, be very attuned to the body's movements when a question has been asked. Twitches or jerks or the cause of masked answers must become obvious. Answers are always given. Paying attention will make healing easier.

Many of the healers of this generation are using body directed guidance to give better healing results than the medical establishment. When the mental diagnosis is done, another doctor must be found to do the healing of the mind. Both must be considered every time the body becomes dis-eased.

Channeling has another great benefit, it opens the body's chakras and meridians to allow more consciousness, and more causes of health, to become active. Channeling words is not all that is occurring. Conscious channeling can also be considered conscious healing. What has to be dealt with in the body gets addressed whenever the channel is opened. When channels get dis-eased, it becomes necessary to discover the cause. Channels can ask and get a reply. When another gets dis-eased, channels can find the cause.

Beliefs and control issues dominate another condition that needs to be addressed also. They contract the body. Contractions cause the channel to close. Contractions are the most obvious cause of man's continued health conditions. If they are cleared, the body can be clear of dis-ease.

Masking many of these mental dis-ease causing control issues is the attempt to heal conditions with chemical toxins. Chemicals do not heal, they destroy! No healing can happen when not listening to the body and doctoring with chemicals. Beginning the task of healing with mental diagnosis gives one chance of healing only - the chance that the body will reject the toxins and actively take over the healing process.

Clearing the body of old disease creating chemicals helps to gain a healthy body. Please consider deleting medication that does not heal by asking the body what it needs. Then give this to it. Cancer, as an example, can be completely cured without medical intervention. Clearing emotions and other mental disturbances can delete cancer completely. Children have cancer because of the lessons they chose to learn. None of the medical treatment makes a difference. Children with cancer need open conversation and loving attention as they go through their growth in awareness.

Can the doctors learn about these things? Of course they can. Will they? Only if they become more caring.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. It is amazing to recognize that there is a mass conscioucness out there. I was thinking a lot about the topics written above. It makes me feel that this message is a answer and clarification for my questions. My awareness is growing like a dow in the bowl.

  2. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I wonder if AIDS, Hepatitis B/C and other currently non-curable diseases can be successfully cured as well? Is there a specific method, diet that needs to be implemented?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Hello, dear friend.
    Thank you for this powerfull message. As a reiki healer I have quite a few doubts about doing this for others, for many people tempt to treat it as a way of instant cure for their pain they see as an enemy or illnesses without willing to work through the real cause of their problems. So I do it very ocasionally now, but maybe this is not a right attitude, maybe the Energy works on them on deeper levels and there is no need to go through it it conscioussly. In my case, because I value being truthful even if it is not comfortable for me or others- I preffere to go thgrough the healing process with the awarness what is happening and why. So, how is it? Is the energy enough for the healing? Doesn't need our cosnsciouss cooperation? Thank you for being in my life. I.