Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Happiness creates the most beautiful auric field. Christmas has this glow. What does this mean to the lives of those who do not celebrate this day? A lot.

When mass consciousness has happiness as its major energy, there cannot be any murder, or fighting that comes from energetic causes. All of the human race are being influenced by mass consciousnes, so once this has a continuous anchoring of happiness, more of you will become happy.

When we talk about ascension, many of you get afraid. Nothing that happens during ascension can harm anyone, either those ascending or those who have not ascended. All who ascend can celebrate. All who do not ascend can celebrate that there's another wave coming that they can be on.

Children of God have come to believe that an answer to ascension is their mental decisions. This is not accurate. Only opened heart awareness can contribute to an ascension. Conditions for ascension are more apparent now. What I have described in my regular messages can deliver ascension to all who have opened their hearts.

News of a mass ascension can rock the world. We are still looking at this for at least 5,000,000. It would be better if all 20,000,000 could be on this wave, but 5,000,000 can make a major impression. What country is the most likely to have the biggest ascension number? None has any major lead in this regard. Candidates are in all countries.

Twenty million can still ascend, with all the grace of a Master, by doing their work. What does it take? An open heart and a channel of communication between the mind and the Master within. Not so much, considering that many lifetimes have been lived in preparation for this great happening. Are you one of those who can still make the transition? Are you able to hear the call? Are you willing to do what it takes to graduate this time around?

All of you still can. No college degree will be awarded, only the happiness that ascension will give to all is the Master's way of graduating you. Please accept.

Prepare by being quiet. Prepare by detaching and arranging for the things left behind. Prepare by contemplating happiness in all moments.

What do you want for Christmas? Why not ascension?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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