Monday, December 27, 2010

Being the Light

Potential means the opportunity to become more of your authentic nature than is now contained in your aura. When you do an act that deletes some form of negativity, love from all of the Masters and Angels comes towards you. Your feeling of fullness continues to thrive in the matrix of materialization until non-aligned energies consume the cause and effect drama again. When no negativity appears, the light continues to shine. People who are "enlightened" have no negativity diminishing their light.

Pause a moment and notice how one negative thought can alter the way you feel. Are you glad to be alive? Glad to be doing what you are doing? Happy to be who you are? All thoughts about daily life are the mental contribution to your manifestation process, not only the words that are spoken. When a thought has mean, causitive negativity, towards any one or any thing, this makes a decree for another lifetime, and another incident coming forth that provides the opportunity for making a loving gesture the next time around. Negative actions demand new co-creations to counter their "lack of caring" consciousness.

Negative actions are the cause of most life challenges. One comes to be the giver and another the receiver. Both have negative attitudes to address. Should you be the one receiving actions against you, consider this a lesson about caring. How can you be more loving towards yourself? Most of the deliverers of negative actions must find the answer to the very same question.

When we talk about giving another opportunity to demonstrate caring, we are referring to daily life opportunities. All circumstances are included. Being spiritual does not mean the amount of time you pray or love one another in public, it means the way you think of the life you live, the people in it, and most important of all, what you think about yourself. When you accept behaviors that hurt you, you give all your awareness away.

What does this say about the love of Self? It deletes all your affirmations and caring concepts. Being willing to accept being treated badly has the most destructive conciousness of all - it is gaining you no points in heaven. Negative thinking attracts dense attacks on the thinker. What has attacked you has grace attached. Acting quarrelsome has grace attached. Grounding your thinking into charades that point to the cause, is a gift of human development.

What are you thinking? Are you loving all that is? Can that include heart love towards those who have offended you? Can it include heart acceptance of those who cast stones at others? Can it include heart love for all who don't act like you want them to? If any of the characters in your life cause you to contract, there is grace in their behavior. Acting "holy" is not the way to ascension. Acting caring is. Care for the weak, the misunderstood, the misguided. Care for the destroyer and the deceiver. They know not what they do. But you do know that they have a message to give, and can bring a great loving gift to them with a kind word or deed.

Negative thinking is your non-aligned destiny card. Notice how it shows up in the feedback that comes from others. Give these thoughts ACCEPTANCE and no disturbance will result. Damning the thoughts has its consequences. Change your attitude against to an all inclusive acceptance, and love will come to the one who needs it the most - YOU!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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