Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Awakening

All of my messages are about how humans are able to alter consciousness. Another topic is about how the Awakened condition has been neglected in most channeled material. Is the content of most channelings incorrect? No, correctness is not the reason they do not include this teaching. It is because the channels are not Awakened and cannot deliver material that they cannot understand. Being Awake is the least understood concept that man can be given. Why? Mind does not grasp the "lack of mind" destiny that is the result of its own demise. Because this information does not agree with any of mind's choices to act on, it dismisses it completely.

Now we must give more attention to Awakening. When the mind can accept this destiny, there will be less dismissal and more cause for new answers to be available.

Channeling can be a door to Awakening, as it demands a quiet mind during the channeled delivery. It is not the Awakened state, just a less active mental contribution as channeling occurs. What an Awakening does for man is dismiss the mind completely.

Mind is not a conveyor of Truth. All the material delivered by mind, on any topic, has no basis in fact, only imaginary content derived from mind's opinions about events, and material determined by mind to be accurate. Non-accepted material has been discarded as lacking importance, so what mind delivers is already culled of its dismissed content. How accurate could anything be that has been clearly denied of anything that has been deleting without cause? Mental dismissal does not provide an accurate basis for any decision making challenge.

Could it be that acquired mental abilities are not Awakening aids? All are not as they seem. For example: what many have welcomed as an obvious Truth is the teachings of the Bible. Are they accurate? No, only choices made by men that include the conditioned consent of their mind. Any material that claims to be accurate has the same choice based acceptance of what is included. Books cannot deliver all the answers about Awakened awareness, even when an Awakened author conceives of their content This is because one concern may control the flavor of all the material given, and no concern that is considered by the mind to be accurate, actually is.

People are not the answer to Awakening. God is. No book can deliver it. Only being silent, and giving up all concepts about Awakening, has any actual effect on an awareness change. Awakening is an awareness change. One day all appears to be a certain way, and the next day, an Awakening can completely alter that way of assessing the same world. Cancel all concepts! Cancel all ideas about Awakening. Now is the time to Awaken, not build data to comply with, making an Awakening less possible. Helpers can give you the correct way to act, and deny the mental controller, as an Awakening requires.

Anyone can Awaken, but no one can make it occur. Only the divine determines the moment it occurs, naturally. Only an act of caring can lead you to an Awakening, caring about God is the way. Giving your divine nature an opening to leave the cocoon it has been gradually opening. Contained in that cocoon is an Angel, the divine's answer to all the world's affairs. Not one Angel vs. all other Angels, but an Angel that is anchoring the light of all angelic masters that can be named. One Angel in many disguises. One Angel as many. An angel of great divine mastery asks for this opportunity.

Are you able to Awaken this Angel in your own heart? Can you let go fo the data the mind once accepted as accurate? An absence of concepts is what allows the Angel to emerge. Will you ditch those concepts to become the Angel you were born to be? If so, an Awakening can be the next consciousness change you experience.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Saint Germain,
    I appreciate your guidance. Do my best to practice it daily. My heart enjoys a sense of freedom. My mind hesitates to rely fully in my heart's lead. It is cautious. Moving slowly. Watchful, as if wanted to prove itself right. The outside world offers trouble, this makes the mind resists. No matter what, it will keep going, following the guidance given.