Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make Your Meal A Meditation

Chelas must become aware of the guidance that arises from "no thought" in their own awareness. Being quiet during daily activities is an opportunity. Change only the day's activities to include a quiet hour, and answers to all of your questions can get from the Master inside the body to the mind. Mind does not take a break from its constant chatter, unless nothing is attracting its controlling view of the day's activities. Only in moments of complete distance from this controlling mental discussion, is contact from a more aware "being" available. When no advice is asked for, more time to learn about quiet can deepen an active demonstration of consciousness.

Are my chelas giving themselves this treat daily? No, many are not. One hour a day can change your life, so you can be all you came to this planet to experience. One hour does not calm the mind forever, only during this quiet time. But, observing the truth of all conditions of life, in that hour, can open a door that has been closed on the mental plane, and give your heart the opportunity to light the fire of consciousness to love all that is.

Many chelas do good deeds, with the concept that this is enlightened consciousness. Good deeds are ego's idea of what caring can be. It is not the actuality of the enlightened condition. Good deeds are only one way of making a contribution to life, not the only one. Quiet time makes a bigger contribution to all of life with no "doing" whatsoever. Giving time to this loving consciousness can do more to alter circumstances than any mental decree or demand. Only contact with divine awareness alters mass consciousness.

Can you give an hour to love all that is? Not doing so means that the mind cannot let go of its control. Can you do this in two time commitments of 1/2 hour each? Can you do this before the changes occur? Not doing so cancels your ability to determine what is the guidance of the Master within during a crisis. Chaos can detroy all control of the mental body, and demands of ego can cause dark conditions to overwhelm the light. We will not be in contact through the internet during chaos, so you will need to get direct guidance from the Master within.

You can meditate by having less desire for outside activities. One of them can be replaced with quiet time. Full days also need this daily quiet. During lunch, be quiet without doing anything but eat, and do this without thinking about anything. Can you do this? Again, during dinner, count the number of times you chew, and allow this counting to replace thinking. Chew the food slowly, and completely, fully aware that each time you chew has a count. No need to give the counting any significance, only use this to avoid the mind's active dialog. Consider this time your quiet time - not thinking time. No need to do any other kind of meditation if you do this twice a day. You can make lunch and dinner your meditation. Sound odd? Can I ask that any concept about what meditation is be discarded?

Being awake and aware, without thinking, is meditation. Chewing, walking, or counting is mindless. Being mindless is meditation. Can you now see that no excuses about not meditating due to busyness are accepted? Can you use the time you are engaged in activities to meditate? Can you find this amount of time to commune with the creator?

Chelas, this is not an order, it is guidance that can give you a better life, and the ability to ascend. I need many of you to meditate to change the vibratory frequency of this planet. Want to ascend? Want Mother Earth to ascend? Can you contribute one hour of your day to this co-creation? One hour of the day of 24 hours can also make a great contribution to your own life. Getting detached from the mind's dialog is an opening for the Master within, so active guidance can be given to you in any moment, chaos or not. Clear the mind of its dialog and get news from other realms. Make this today's teaching about Truth.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. We Love You, We Honour You, Beloved Master St.Germain. thank you for the great message of light and wisdom