Thursday, December 23, 2010

How Grace Leads The Way

My dear ones. Counting down to 2012 does not deliver an accurate conclusion about continent movement. Neither the content of my messages, nor the content of any other messages, has given you dates that can be counted on. All dates are a guess. Give up predictive consciousness, and get your heart open about the present. Are you concerned about anything? Give up that concern. Are any fears able to give you the energy of non-awareness? Are the new and different remarks on this blog scary? If any of these apply, no ascension can occur.

Change must be made for ascension. An Awakening is needed. Awaken to the heart that has all of the answers the mind is looking for. When an Awakening happens, there is one less dreamer to make their concern a disturbance to the consciousness that creates the future.

Change to the continents may take many human days and months. Some are to be general and apply to all of the continents, such as money delivery, and availability of goods and gas. Others can look different, but are as much at cause of the disturbing challenges as these are. Man cannot get away from all of these changes. No area is completely immune.

What needs to happen now is the awakening of more hearts. A cause of distress to "the other side" is the mass consciousness of "I'm good and they are not". When divisive attitudes are coming forth from the minds of many, these are not answers that give ascension a chance. Welcome the thoughts, observe their existance, and confront them to learn the truth about differences. All differences belong to the mind. All mental attitudes about "others" are nonsense. No truth begins with: "My opinion is . . ." All opinions contain a mistaken concept.

Pure consciousness notices what is, and only acts as the heart directs. No disturbance can't be noticed. Grace leads the way when the heart has brought the guidance forth. Give grace your appreciation, and lead the next dance with a clear donation of grace to all concerned.

Make peace with the past. All beliefs of being controlled are about your control issues. All beliefs about "not good enough" are not accurate. All attitudes that dismiss "another's" concepts are mental as well. When there is "other", there is a concept. Mental attitudes against anything come from mind's opinions of good vs. bad. Opinions are divisions made between two parts of the same thing. Holy attitudes have no divisions, they include all as the most divine. Nothing is left out.

Concern is not belief driven, nor is it the decision making characteristic mind has  on automatic, as a momentary demonstration of choice. Concern is the lack of acceptance of "all that is". Concern depends on comparison: is this as it "should be"? When man is concerned about anything, there is an opinion about his condition in that moment. Concern decreases light. Concern makes the news more deceptive when things appear different than the mind desires. Attitudes about the news filter the facts. What is news? Merely an observer's opinion. Most news becomes different from fact the moment someone observes it. Many different versions are always available.

Consciousness does not need to determine the accuracy of anything, as all things delivered by mind are not accurate. It's all false? Yes, an observation through any filter has no validity. Change your level of awareness by simply dismissing everything your mind beieves to be factual. Only awareness of a circumstance is sufficient, without the mental conclusions your observations bring.

What does an Awakening do? It deletes false concepts about all the things your mind conceives. All perceptions are merely accepted in awareness, without  comment. No thoughts define them.

Being Awake is the "natural state" before mind enters the picture. Can you be this aware, and this detached, from your mind's observations? Can you drop the opinions without any comment? Creating a new world depends on this.

When there is no thought about the heart's call to action, man has been delivered to divine consciousness. Come along for the ride - it's heaven on Earth.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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