Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anyone Can Ascend

When the mass ascension occurs my chelas will all congregate at the Masters level, not the levels below. Anyone going on to a dimension beyond 5th will come together at this time. All will meet in the non-linear moment that ascension occurs. This meeting will not need introductions or acknowledgments. No marking of recognition will enter into the collective music of the Angels' harps. No major door will open, only the answer of a divine gesture that will be leading man to light. Clear channeling will allow in the directions given by angelic beings. Seal the co-creative dance with an answer of Mastery, and disappear from the atmospheric changes of day and night into heart light that never changes. Masters will draw on their own awareness as the ascension continues. Move towards the direction of the light as it appears in your new awareness.

When this moment comes, no one of another consciousness level will be able to be consulted. Give the ascension your complete attention, allowing the moment to bring all that is needed. After the deep awareness has completed its change in your molecular compositon, few dreamers will answer the contact others attempt. Consider that contact non-essential because their choice was to not ascend now.
When the door closes on density, the new world will not be as dense as it has been for thousands of your years. Closing the door to others ascending means that those who have not ascended are needing more dreaming or more active awakening.

My dear ones. "Rapture" concepts differ on one major consideration: the "acceptance of Christ as Savior" by the one who is ascending. In ascension, Christ consciousness acts as the catalyst, not an ego's desire or belief. Choice also provides an optional contribution in ascension, as no one disappears "out of the blue." It must be decided again and again. Choosing one's direction is a more conscious approach. "Rapture" is man's fantasy, it is not ascension. Please don't confuse them. Mental interpretation of a psychic attunement to an ascension became a major concept to build on in Christian theology. Only ascension is accurate. No other disappearance is in the Master Plan.

Children will ascend as their parents do. No child will be left behind, or animals for that matter. All of the humans and animals connected by living communally can ascend together. Once the choice is made on the parents call, all will be called. Should one of the parents not be ascension qualified, the child that can go will go and any needing more conscious learning can choose to leave or not. Parents do not need to be concerned about their children's fate.

Please observe how you react to daily events. No reaction to old contraction creating events means there is readiness to ascend. Contracting again, after old contractions have been nullified, means there's more work to be done. Clearing contractions also needs new attitudes about old energy configurations. Being calm is a contribution to mankind. Calm, clear and caring is awakened consciousness. Alarm, contraction and disturbances all come from mental distrust of divine creation. Give all of the contraction attitudes away now, as they aren't allowing the light to flow through the vessel that can deliver it to others.

Break open the contracted heart once and for all. It is a creation of your mental fears, not the dream of a Master. Making this occur are difficult actions contributed by those who are assisting you by causing these mental attitudes to be revealed. Welcome these revelations, as they donate the opportunity to drop the mind's control so you can mend the energetic disturbance and accept the difficulty with love. Bringing these mental control mechanisms out of hiding must be done to get you out of their clutches. Masters do not contract!

Be alright with everything - without contracting over life's gifts of awareness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Well now, I've been missing You "Ascended Master Saint Germain, Oh Ya I guess You knew that huh, hee hee... Sometimes I have a difficult time with understanding all You explain,, but I do not give up, I may read the sentence over and over and over until I either get or not I try very hard... I've missed You and I'm so glad that You sent this message ! So I thank You for that. With "ALL My LOVE" I sent out to You Dear_One....

    For I Am Bernadette
    (((((((((( HUGS )))))))))) and some xxxxxx's