Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are You Getting the Message?

When my messages do not fit your concepts about the items discussed, are the messages less convincing? My goal in giving you details about material world events is to guide you to ascension. Can I detail all the calamities coming in the time continuium? No, I cannot. I only get an overview before the changes occur, and my caring about the conditions that appear in that overview can cause me to  overlook the great work being done to lessen the disturbance. However, in the most recent case, my words are not incorrect. Cases of major disasters are occurring that can completely collapse the confidence that makes the US a leader of other countries.

Now my words are about things that appear materialized in my realm but have not as yet occurred in your dimension, but they are about to. No big catastrophy in the US? Wait - its coming. But my intention in telling you this is to query about your ability to deal with catastrophies, not to cause you angst.

More than 5 million people are going to be affected by my current concern, and when they are about to cross over, I want them to call to the Angels and act like they are Masters. This is how they will go to the dimension they have been preparing for this entire lifetime. More than 5 million in one country is a huge number of humans. Will they all be able to leave in a high consciousness? Can they leave in deep awareness that there is no concern big enough to demand their attention to the details? Only conscious death can get them an ascension.

I am not talking about the mass ascension also being created. No matter how many ascend during this moment, another 5 million can die during the catastrophies my dimension can actually "see" happening at this moment. Peace and love are our goals. Inner peace and love of all that is cannot go away during an exit of the physical body. All of the lives of our ascension candidates have been leading to these catastrophic details. Not to open a door to more control of the future, but rather, a door to the consciousness that allows for ascension. Keep this in your awareness as you decide whether my words are accurate or not, and know that the cause of my concern is always the highest good for all.

When Aruna is about to ascend my discourses will continue to be coming through those who are abe to clearly channel them. Are you going to be one of these channels? Making the leap from seeker to Ascended Master does not require that you deliver channeled messages, but getting guidance from I Am That I Am must be possible. Are you able to do this? No? Why not? No one is incapable of this unless they are denying their own contract to ascend.Please do what you can to draw forth this inner creativity and awareness now, before the ascension call. I don't want anyone to miss it.

Are any of you negative about ascension? If so, when the call comes it will not be heard. I'm asking this now to give you the continued choice until the actual moment.

Presence is the only thing you need to accomplish in this life. Being fully present in every moment completely deletes all of the disturbance and details of one's former activities. No conduit for light is a torch that can be seen in the higher diimensions unless he or she meditates or achieves the ability to be completely without mental concerns (an Angel's consciousness) during the day. There is also the need to be able to give, without hesitation, as well. Can these be your goals?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Excellent post

    Thank you master Saint germain and Aruna mam

  2. Dear Master St. Germain,

    Can you let us know which food causes the infection with the EHEC bacteria in Germany.

    Thank you!

  3. Thank You. I get the message loud and clear. I hope you can detect me from your dimension. I still have not managed to still my mind. I yearn for connection. But I guess I have to just let it be and keep on trying. Thank you again. Much love to your realm. Rolando.

  4. Yo St. Germain!

    Can you give a discourse to the "Light?" Can you give as much information in regards to what light really is?

  5. Dear Master St.Germain,


    Thank You so much.

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