Thursday, May 12, 2011

Make No Adjustments

My clear announcement about the next catastrophy answers the question, "What's next?" And my teachings about Awakening and ascension are all an answer to "How do we deal with this?" Please make use of all of these messages. Go back to the beginning and make an outline of the content about Awakening and ascension. Allow this teaching to become more directed to the new awareness needed to deal with all matters to be attended to. Cancel all concerns about how to avoid and do what it takes to go face to face with anything that appears.

Change any attitude that is accompanied by fear. No advice can be given to allay your fears, only on how to dance with them. Putting fear to the test is the best. Make a conscious decision to face all and not allow fear to destroy the light you carry. Meditate. Accept all as it is, not condemning anyone or any group for misdeeds. Carry your head on your shoulders totally looking forward, not behind. Pace one's day to do what can be done and leave room for relaxation. No answers are awakened within you when you are in a stressed condition.

Medicine to quiet anxiety is not suggested. Make more of an effort to accept what is causing the anxiety. Give aliveness to daily conditions with no concern about future events.

Masters will be dancing among you when an active drama occurs. God is the creator of everything and also the dreamer of answers to all that is created. Bravery and courage are more desirable energies for new creations than attitudes regarding the inability to do something about the cause of the circumstance.

When the big, major collapse of an existing corner of a new dam comes, there will be a big continent move towards the Atlantic Ocean. Food growing areas will be drowned. More catastrophes will occur. Are the nuclear reactors all able to withstand an earthquake here? We will soon find out. Cancel all your ideas about control, because none is available. Purchase provisions to create a new life if there is to be one after it happens. Make this the defining opportunity for the awakening to occur. Call in the Angels and give up all control the mind chooses to attempt. Go with the law of the universe that is "move on without any desire to oppose the move." No desire means no resistance to the movement.

My dear ones. One day very soon the call to heal the world will be answered as one disaster and then another. All to come is cleansing the dross that needs to be released. Next comes healing. But your awareness can bring the healing as the disaster occurs, and change dark into light at once. Call the Angels and claim 'I AM THAT I AM" at the moment of change. Free yourself of man's desires and give no opposition to anything that occurs. Be fearless! Know that the divine nature of all is love, and that love is who you are. Love does not need any container to exist.

Apprehension abounds, as most of the animals are already experiencing the dense energies causing this catastrophy and fearing them. Nature is already allowing the dance to grow larger and more devastating. Mental designs cannot control anything now. Panic does nothing. Be brave! Allow for the cause and effect to be in the now moment as it happens. No fear is coming to this heaven unless you deliver it!

Shelters are not going to be available. No drama like those in any other country can match one's own drama. Just go with the flow and dream the next dream with an open heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. With tears of gratitude and deep love in my eyes, my heart would like to say THANK YOU as my fellow readers did.
    I take the opportunity to say to the reader that is wondering how to channel and would like to do so, I took the channeling class that Master Saint Germain and Aruna co-created, and it is great!! I have learned so much from it, and specially to contact my Higher Self.
    This is why I feel so thankful to Aruna, for all the guidance that she has provided me not only to channel but to awaken.