Monday, May 30, 2011

Passion and Contentment

Passion and contentment are both major influences on mass consciousness. When a man is truly passionate about what he likes or dislikes, his message to others is a most powerful charge that moves the anointed concept towards new conditions in its development. Not being consumed in the direction of this movment is more compelling. Why? Because humans need to be couragous enough to be on the outside of this draft of energy to be capable of making a conscious choice about it. Passion consumes awareness, negates reason, and discourages free thinking.

Happiness is not the same as passion. Happiness is not a consequence of any change in the dynamics of life's conditions. Happiness is all that one needs to live a great life. Most humans are not happy. All of their attention is on what is not the way they want it to be. In this mode of being it is their negative attitudes against something that cause them to be charged in the creation of what they desire. But they are not considering how this charge dominates others.

When mothers are not happy about their child's lack of charisma, they can destroy the motivation of the child in finding their own calling. Parents who have a passion to have their children be the best at any game or ability they admire are consuming an openness that the child has for discovering his or her own interests. Can openness be considered a virtue? Most men and women do not think so, they want to know their next driving force to be the ultimate cause and meaning of their life. No one can know this until the door opens on how it will materialize. Posturing for one thing makes its opposite appear "wrong", not just  the opposite of one's opinion.

Passionate delivery of a message is to collect agreement, not offer choice. Can you deliver a passionate description of your most driven desire without being consumed by your own opinion?

My dears, my suggestion for man's change of consciousness to be materialized into form before ascension is to drop your most charged opinions and consider each day's condition a good one, instead of negatively desiring another option. Peace comes when man's desires and conditions for happiness disappear.

What if the desire you have is for World Peace? Give up your negative attitude about those who create war and you will contribute peace to the world. More peace is needed to have world peace. All attitudes "against" disturb the possibility of peace.

Acceptance is the key to contentment, and only contentment can cause the demonstrations brought on by disturbance to stop. For example, if all could accept their Mastery of density there would be no more disturbances.

Mastering density means combining dark and light into a chord above the highest octave of music on the human scale. When the transformative harmonic is activated, disharmony can no longer exist. Only hearing this chord is enough. Brand new energies can be made now as a divine concert is being delivered daily to all who can hear it. We are making the chord available to man as he awakens in the morning and moves into sleep at night. Pay attention!

Making the music is our way of assisting. Your way of accepting it begins with dropping all attitudes against an opposite of your choice. Being content takes you closer to hearing the chord.

Are you willing to give up passionate attitudes towards what may not be the best way to bring forward the energies that are needed now? Anchoring light can only be done in neutral.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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