Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Conditions

As the major conditions of difficulty appear, many of my chelas will be included in the chaos that follows. There are no mistakes in God's co-creation. In these circumstances the need for light will be great. I AM consciousness connects the divine with the awareness of those losing their mental ability to connect themselves. In these circumstances, many of my chelas will be completing their Master's program and graduating with top honors. Not being disturbed by the chaos around them is their qualification for admission to the college of Angels and Masters for yet another degree - the Ascended Master degree. This is only a metaphor, of course, but it actually will open new doors to go through.

Pretending to be detached is never an option in chaos. A most caring "god-like" being in ordinary life can crumble when chaos arrives. Chaos is one chance to discover how a Master deals with anything that appears. A Master doesn't disintegrate when there's a challenge ahead. A Master faces all, with no concern for his own death or a desire for another outcome. He does what a Master does: responds to the care of all with no caution heeded. Arising to the occasion is his True Awareness, the Angel he is underneath his mental dream.

Another chance to deliver this awareness will appear at the moment of ascension. Can the mental objections override the loving care of the true Master in charge? Not when the Angel within has denied the dream and accepts only the actual contract made prior to incarnating. Being an Angel implies giving and loving without any conditions.

The practice of giving is a way to learn if there will be any disturbance in your  ability to be an Angel in chaotic conditions. Angels don't concern themselves with their own needs at all. Choosing an answer for the good of all comes to their awareness instead of thinking about how they will be congratulated for their heroism. Appearing unconcerned is not the same as being unconcerned.

Are these explanations an energizing dialog? Are you concerned about how you will react in a chaotic environment? There is no plan to annihilate the human population, so don't allow fear to control the way you demonstrate courage or awareness in the midst of danger. I Am That I Am says that death is not an opportunity for ego to control awareness, it reveals the actual awareness of the one moving into another consciousness where a conscious death can be attained. Declaring "I Am That I Am" attracts Angelic contact from the next dimension.

When the chaos comes, be relaxed, and accept all that is happening. If there is no denial, you will connect the dots of what has been going on for a good while to bring about these consequences. Change must come to announce the absence of consciousness. Man goes around without giving any concern to his dense actions when it comes to addressing his own home conditions. A home needs care. Growth for all the family members depends on it, and not providing that care diminishes the quality of life for each member. Not caring for Mother Earth has come to where an active change is necessary to bring about a new contract for Mother Earth's inhabitants.

Are my words giving you answers currently needed? Are they letting you in on a not too hidden denial? Good! Get your most challenging gifts of awareness now.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear St.Germain Thank You so so much. Very important message indeed.