Friday, May 6, 2011

The Real Change Agent

My comments today are about the Arctic circle. It is this area that will give, or not give, the abiity of man to live on Mother Earth. Nothing can be done to alter the change of temperature that is melting the glaciers. As they disappear, the climate changes and magnetic corrections are needed. Calculating their longevity can be done, but the impact of their disappearance has more importance than is being conveyed. The North pole cannot be an anchor for the major disasters that are coming as a consequence of the destruction of man's environment. Can all continue? In another millenium perhaps, but not now. Nowhere is it written that the earth can continue this massive drama of its own destruction. What was originally created as a land of co-creation with God is not conducive to more co-creation.

When the glaciers disappear, what will the oceans do? They will absorb the continents and all of their contents. Can this situation maintain any control of man's destiny? All the attention on current events is mass deception - away from what is really happening to the entire planet. Not that the content of the daily news is an area of non-awareness, much can be gleaned from this. But none of this compares to the most devastating condition now being managed by the Angels and their assistants - keeping the planet balanced and the world on an even keel as much as possible. How long can they do this? Anybody's guess is as good as mine. Changing the dynamics of this is only an Angelic task, man's thinking no longer has any control.

Praise for the Angels is high, and Osama Bin Laden's death means nothing by comparison. Nor does the money concerns or the movement of the continents today. As all of man's concerns are now coming to a more obvious conclusion, doesn't it appear that the controllers game would not matter? All of their manipulation for change to the dollar and the money worldwide will mean nothing before long. All of these things are now overshadowed by the continents' lack of stability and new alterations to all of them. Can humans and animals continue to make this their area to dream? Only in the short term.

Now, I cannot give dates and times, as only the continued destruction of the ice can determine these things. I can give alternatives, and continuing life through this ongoing drama means another location is needed.

How does this effect the "days of darkness"? As the "days of darkness" are a direct result of lack of sunlight, they are a most important sign of what's to come. When the oceans overlap the continents there will be many days of darkness, not only as a consequence of the disappearance of natural light, but due to cancellation of the man-made components of electricity generators. More nuclear power plants will be dstroyed by natural causes and coal, gas and oil will be less accessible. Man will need to generate his own inner heat to survive.

Why am I telling you these things? So you will not deny the call to ascension. As I tell you about these most damaging scenarios, an answer of major consequence can make them inconsequential. Open the door to the option instead of getting upset about the details of these future calamities.

Now I will mention briefly the eventual disclosure of UFO information being asked about. Yes, this is about to begin, and no additional appearances of the craft will be ignored as they have been. Only the craft that can be an example of the old concepts of UFOs will be disclosed, however, not the latest varieties they have no details of. The newest don't have any resemblance to those made before the century of 1900 ended.

As far as Bin Laden's death is concerned, only angry minds could do this to the one they named as the cause of 9-11 rather than the actual cause agents. No Al Qaeda agents destroyed those towers. It was an inside agent's design in collusion with the demanding controllers who wanted to collapse the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. Are you listening? Bin Laden was working for an angry man: the director of the operation in the US. It was this director who dreamed up the entire mess, not Bin Laden. He was not the cause!

Most of you already are aware of this and wonder why no news of the death of Bin Laden's consultant has been revealed. It will be! He will not be allowed to live either, but not due to the death of those who died on 9-11 or the death of Bin Laden. He will be destroyed by the controllers because he can now expose them. Bin Laden's death means there is no cause to answer for, and he is dispensible. A military officer is the one I am now referring to. Naming him is not in anyone's best interest.

False descriptions of these events have made many angry and no one able to let go their anger. At least this death of Bin Laden can act as a catalyst to let go of more of this anger. Please add any to this depletion that you may carry .

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear St Germain and Aruna
    Thank you for the insight and the guidance. I am still human and remain curious. How will the call for Ascension be? And why would anyone choose not to answer it positively? I have to admit that I read these last two messages several times because I couldn't grasp its total meaning. I guess I was a bit disturbed by the news that earth will not continue to be. I love her, you see. But I guess it's one more detachment test and lesson. She will ascend too, and that's a comforting notion. These messages influence me to live more in the now. I am grateful, I am eager. I grasp more and more I AM THAT I AM.

  2. Dear St. Germain and Aruna,

    I was under the impression that ET Disclosure would bring about so many questions being asked by so many people all over the world about the many issues which were kept secret and hidden from them that the dark controllers would no longer be able to hold the real truth back from them any longer. Of course, I do agree that with the money system collapsing, all of this may not matter.

    At the same time, I was also under the impression that our ET brotherhoods would be on hand to assist all of us to move towards a new and better way of living after Disclosure, as well as not let things run out of control and to prevent the conditions on Earth from going downhill. Is there any rules or conditions that prevents them from doing so? Or is it Earth consciousness' choice that such a massive cleanse is needed as the damage has been too severe?

    Thank you very much.