Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Awaken in the Midst of Chaos

Consider today a new beginning. I am not designating a different future, only a new attitude about the future. In the next days a big catastrophe will be the next cause of human mental disturbance. A lot of balancing will be needed to lead many to the light after the occurrance. This cannot be done now because those involved don't have any awareness of their actual role in this drama. Being surprised by a catastrophe is how the conscious become more clear and the unconscious evolve - if they become clear during the experience.

Many are about to depart their bodies. Can you add light to their experience? Can you make a conscious choice to be love and nothing else? All of those in the desecrated area will have no advanced warning, so having the awareness to demonstrate their claim of being divine will be the condition they will face. My dear ones, I am referring to the next alteration to human density. Today we can ask that those who are dying have an easy transition, and control of their awareness can be the day's great addition.

My answer to the question "where" and "what" is not going to be included here, as the catastrophy is not to be avoided, only experienced by those who are called on this one. Many of these situations are coming, and these dramas are not about avoidance of death. Death is a natural detail in the next days. Ascension will advance the consciousness by convincing others about man's concepts being inaccurate. Many can ascend as a consequence of this catastrophe. Are they ready? Some are.

Practicing acceptance of all that occurs is the most accurate approach to this next drama. Give it an attitude of condemnation and darkness covers the area. Give it  acceptance and make a different choice available to all who are affected by it. Am I talking about a current ongoing drama? No, a new one - caused by the cleansing of Mother Earth in North America. It is about to act as the doorway to a new consciousness in a most unexpected area.

Make today a new attitude day. Act as a channel of light as the drama unfolds. Maybe the drama will not be today, but it will be soon after today. Clarity in the moment is needed.

Awaken to the calls of the day as they will manage one of the biggest awareness opportunities ever to occur to humanity. Be wise, be aware and be caring.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    Just curious to know, could St. Germain share with us if this catastrophe is man-made one by the controllers (e.g. HAARP, weather manipulation) or a natural one?

  2. Thank you Master saint germain

    Gratitude and love

  3. Thank you Saint Germain and Aruna for the information. We can keep preparing ourselves to be beacons of Light in these moments of chaos and be at service to our fellow Human Beings as well as all living beings and Our Beloved Mother Earth. Moments of confusion, serve to a great shift in consciousness.
    Thanks to All Beings of the Light of The Highest, Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels of Pure Consciousness for your limitless LOVE and for your precious help and guidance.
    My deepest Gratitude to Aruna, for being a channel of Light ;-) Greatest Blessings

  4. Much love and light to all of us who chose this experience. We are brave indeed. My love to you all. Rolando.

  5. Your loving efforts for the good of all are deeply appreciated! This level of delivery and support of the truth is proof of God's Loving Grace!

    Thank you both beyond words!!

  6. Beloved Aruna & AM Saint Germain,

    Only love I can read from your messages... This one is quite a chalenging to put it in words of kindness and care toward Humanity, and you did it so eloqently without any judgment or acusation...

    I feel only genuine care from you and Aruna, for us all to awake, and if not awaken yet, God has diferent events on our path to truly open our Hearts....
    Your Heart openers are working so beautifully, as I feel in peace, I feel content, and I feel kind of excited while knowing what is upon US... Thank you for these messages, all 240 of them... As all carry peace of God's puzzle, and it is quite a size of puzzle...

    With Love, Predrag

  7. Yes, I agree, words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for you during these tough times. Thank for directing me to the Light and being one of the only sources that can be trusted and for showing me hope. Thank you again with my whole being.

  8. Thank You So Much Dear Master St.Germain and Dear Aruna. I read, understand and share this Divine Light Always. Thank You So Much for Your Light and Love.

  9. What happened to the 5/11 and 5/12 messages from Saint Germain??? Clearly they have been removed!