Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Additional Assistance from Other Universes

Change in the world means that the change in your consciousness has made an impact. Conditions have always reflected consciousness. Answer these questions:
1. Are there changes occurring in your life?
2. Can you consider them related to the change in mass consciousness?
3. Can you consider them related to a change in the consciousness of the area where you live?
4. Can you consider them related to the thoughts in your own mind?

Please ask yourself, and don't "do" anything to alter the conditions being reflected. Can you comprehend how the doors to higher consciousness have opened where you are, and in all areas of human design? Mental conditions are disengaging man's control of human activities. Mental attitudes about control and being controlled are changing. Clouds of darkness are gathering light to disburse them.

Its no wonder that lack concepts have controlled the economics of man's world. But the dramas about negative and positive are now going away. Dark, negative energies are being deleted. Mainly because of your change in consciousness.  And more of these signs are to appear as more changes are still needed.

The controllers are dark. On the continents they have dominated, disrespect for others and non-caring ways have thrived. Now, their ability to continue must cease. Non-aware beings, making disrespectful moves to destroy the great divine creation's money concepts give no consideration to death and destruction in the world. Only greed matters to them. Wealth can be a great thing when used to assist those without it, but wealth with death and destruction components is dirty money. Nowhere was this concept in the Master Plan. Now, the directors of the cabal that designed these manipulations must be deleted. No more games will be tolerated.

New energy is being directed towards man for his ability to disengage from this controlled condition. Masters of many galaxies are now focusing their attention on the corrupt doings in the newest one. Can they help? Yes. Not by giving the cabal any direction, but only by giving more courage to those now being controlled.

Answers to the questions you are now forming will come next:
1. More chaos will ensue in the next months.
2. Another dictator will fall.
3. More activity will begin in the economic area. New dollar-yen differences will cause alarm.
4. Changes to the Chinese continent will emerge.
5. Catastrophies will continue to occur. The Ring of Fire will become more active.
6. Hundreds of thousands will be needing assistance for food.
7. New beginnings for millions will be necessary. Can we get them to choose ascension?

My dear ones. This may appear to be a cause and effect condition, based on old developments being balanced, but it is a completely new development that is being created by the distant cousins of this galaxy. They want to force the controllers out of their dominance. New clarity about the situation has called on their decision to act. No direct contact will occur, but deep in the hearts of all humans a new light has been turned on. Notice the impulse in you to delete control in your own life. Give this urge the answer that will free yourself from all dominance. Take on the creators of control. Take the next step towards aliveness - give them a clear "NO".

Are you able to overcome your inner voice that doesn't want to do anything about the urge? Give me your agreement that you will begin to make a difference in your own life.

Are you able to agree? "No" is not the truth. Having the courage to change is your most important challenge right now. Be aware, that we of the spiritual heirarchy are always with you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. "Another dictator will fall."
    Join with my prayers that the dictator in my home country is the next to fall! The liberation of my people is the next magic event to happen! There is only GOD!

  2. Which dictator, what country? I am struggling to
    Conquer my own inner DICTATOR, the Mind, the analytical freak!
    My aim is liberation and to let my HEART rule in my personal

    Love & Peace