Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Answers to Questions about Last Message

My dear ones. My last message brought many questions I would like to address. Most of my chelas already know my direct manner of leading energy to a topic and then clarifying it. I will talk now about the ascension and how it will act as a "dream breaker" for all who are unable to accept the things my messages address.

Many of the New Age dreamers believe the lies being told them about how the ETs are going to deliver all the beautiful desires man asks for. In the New Age materials that attract the most attention, money creation is the main concern, like in The Secret, and other abundance advice. Not bad advice once the current conditions in your world are dismantled and conscious thought can determine your future. But now, conscious thought cannot draw to you the desires of your mind. Why? Because the death of the controllers' game has to come first.

No banks are going to deliver huge amounts of money out of their managed accounts due to the fact that the money they have is not on their books as a complete asset. Current methods of accounting allow banks to claim assets that are worthless, and no more calibrating is done to determine if the government insurance can deliver on these assets.

Many banks are deficit funded. More are going out of business. A few may manage their funds accurately, but their guidance about money has no basis in grounded actuality. Given that the asset value of most banks being greatly over calculated, if these funds were asked for, they would be unable to deliver. So, sending money to those who dream of getting NESARA cannot possibly occur. Other gifting programs are going to be sucessful, and many of you can get their gifts before the collapse of the current economic dance, but what can you do to avoid losing it to devaluation? Not much.

Some areas of investment are now options like gold and other metals, but they can only go so high, and then their abiity to be collateral cannot be worth anything because nobody will be able to buy them.

Ascension will demonstrate to all that another answer to life's challenges can occur. Not an answer that money brings, an answer that love brings. As love comes to the life of any of these observers, they too can ascend. Are there going to be assistants to guide them? Of course.

When we get this ascension off the ground, another wave can get organized. But, during the days in between, many will get the message to be vaccinated for an incurable disease. No vaccinated being will get the dis-ease that they are trying to avoid, but they will contribute their bodies to becoming an agent for a much more deadly disease that cannot be cured. My advice is to not take ANY kind of shot for any cause. Protect the children who they will demand to get this at school. Can you control this disease? Only with good and clean choices for diet NOW. What can counter it is a very good immune system. Are you taking any drugs now? Only drugs that are absolutely necessary are to be considered acceptable. Any that can destroy the immune system can defeat your ability to outlast this man made disease. Call it the flu shot if you want, we call it the death and destruction cause.

No more God aware beings can give theselves an excuse to not ascend. Why not? Can't the divine care about the next generation of adepts? Can't God deliver a new way to be on the continents? Can't God cause a disaster to bring new awareness? God can do anything!

Can you accept God's desire to get you to ascend? Can you deny the great Masters who are telling you to get to the graduation gate to move forward in your own Mastery? Are they being controlled by the controllers? No. When the heart knows the truth, the mind cannot be the one who decides what can and cannot happen. Now, minds are in the lead. Minds control most New Age seekers who accept nonsense instead of what their own inner guidance will tell them. Resonance with one's "feel good" desires is not alignment with divine awareness. Condoning the "feel good" messages and "distaining" the factual ones deceives one's own clarity of awareness.

Priests and Rabbis and missionaries do not have the awareness that a clear channel has. Why give them the complete acceptance when others can guide you to an even greater spiritual destination?  Give them a great "thank you" and then go directly to God with your own channeling ability. Get direct guidance! Not book guidance! Peace and love are only the beginning of what the ascension is about. When the days of darkness are able to cause the dreamers fear, wouldn't it be better to be able to channel guidance from your own divine director?

Close the door to my messages if you want, that won't make the changes convert to delightful anomalies, or answer your dreams of going away on a Galactic Federation craft.

Parents: give your children the encouragement to tell you what they are getting from their inner guidance. Many of them can tell you the same things my messages do. We are One consciousness, and my voice is also the voice of your own advisor within. Practice meditation and ask about channeling training should that guidance not be available.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. I am experiencing simulteneous awareness of other realities, how does this fit in with ascending ? I have even had the music/tone that rings when death comes and a few times I have postponed to leave, my concern being my children and wife. How can I process the advent of leaving, when I don't have resources to help my family if I leave?

  2. Breath. Release the tension. Breath. Release the fear regarding your loved ones. It's not you in charge of them. It's God. Let your light shines fully and beautifully. This is what you are in charge! The tunes you hear are tunes of the new life. There is no death. God made His Creation to live forever. To live in Love and Happiness. In Abundance. Breath. Breath. Enjoy the ride together with me and everybody else. Love you dear brother/sister.

  3. concerning ''controller'' made epidemic threw the vaccines..Isn't it there provocation to kill off most of humanity?..so there able to control whats left of mankind?..is it going to get so out of control that even the controllers will perish?..I have been looking to a vegan/raw diet as a means of beat dis-ease along with confronting my fears..i have hard time meditating..starting is fine but a little ways in i get a large pressure on my forehead?,so much so i have to stop?,any ideas?. love you. p.s,i'am not anonymous IAM DAVID.