Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anchors of Light

Meditation can open an adept and make a chela Awaken. There is nothing to do for this to occur, other than quiet down and give no thoughts to the world. Meditation does not need to be a mode of concentration or a controlled descent into another dimension. It is only about quieting an active mind.

Freeing the Master within cannot be controlled, and only an opposite approach can accomplish this. Pause all activities, and all mental drama, and be still. You only need ten minutes to begin with. What can be done in ten minutes? You can get a taste of meditation so you will allow more time for another attempt. Only ten minutes cannot loosen the controls of the mind, only attract it to the opportunity for a more in-depth experience.

Practices are not the answer to Awakening, but they can deliver an accurate dream of what Awakening actually is. Awakening will be a most different mode of awareness about everything. It is not a mental alteration of anything, instead, an accurate comprehension of what is being observed.

Tough days and nights can demand an avenue of detachment. Use the ability to meditate for that quality of detachment. Man's call to God demands the opportunity for God's love to be received. When there is no quiet, no communion with God can occur.

Being an "anchor of light" demands more meditation. Once an open vessel is designated as an anchor, the daily meditation to anchor light on a planetary level needs to be done for at least one hour. One of the ways to know if you are an anchor is to observe the call to meditate. Anchors are not chosen, they are delivering their own daily meditation moments to awareness of God, allowing this light to be grounded in abundance. Waking-up to the actual reality makes this more available, as no daily meditation can do as much for anchoring light as an Awakening can.

Awakening deletes the mind's control and can delete an active mind completely. "No-mind" allows the body to anchor light on a continuous basis and no matter where that body is, there is more of God's answer to density. All of those who are Awake are anchors of light, creating energy vortexes at ground level as they move to an area that needs this. Are they "doing" anything to bring light to the planet? Not in a physical way.

Clearing emotional contractions makes the anchoring available. Opening the heart is also an anchoring qualification. One of these alone is not enough. Awakening has these qualities plus complete detachment from human affairs as a dominant attribute - nothing mental claims their attention as an "influence" on their abiity to be an anchor.

The deceivers contained in the dream are not able to convince an Awakened one to do anything that has not been determined by the God of divinity that has been Awakened within them as their life Master. No deceptions, no tricks and no conclusions can contain their light. Neither the death of their ego nor the death of their body can make them flinch. Once awake they are anointed all the days they live, no matter what their active life appears to be.

When an Awakening occurs there is no quantity of matter than can demand an anchor's actual change into dross. Once Awake, only death can make an anchor appear as an adept. Once Awake, an adept has chela designation and is no longer an adept. Personalities do not Awaken. If you think that the concept of the man or woman observed by any onlooker is an Awakened being, this is a mental conclusion. In no instance can a mind determine the Awakened condition of itself. No mind Awakens. Only awareness that can be defined as God awareness Awakens. Mind has been the constant deceiver and must dissolve into a more co-creative mode to be of any use at all.

Truth quotes about the Awakened condition are not understood by the mind. Only an Awakened awareness can grasp the meaning of these statments. If not Awake, these comments will seem "crazy" or "odd". If Awake, they will only get an "of course" response.

Children are not Awake. Only their higher awareness is available until an Awakening experience occurs. Consider them more open than most adults, but don't consider them examples of Awakened awareness. The children who are more aware are the gifted ones who are closer to Awakening than others.

Pass this on to deliver more awareness to communities that are not gathered around an Awakened one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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