Saturday, February 5, 2011

God's Creation or Yours?

Children of God are the light of the entire galaxy. They come into bodies to glow with their beauty, but not all can allow their radiance out. At this time in the evolving conditions of human nature, there are more than one million who are truly glowing. It is amazing that this many are able to ascend. And this number doesn't contain the other nineteen million who can also get to this awakened condition if they commit to being able to affirmatively answer the following questions with an absolutely objective opinion:
1. Are the doors of your heart wide open?
2. Are your days of non-attachment to anything already apparent?
3. Can you accept that all obstacles and gifts of delight are from the same source?
4. Are you ready to move on to another condition of existance?
5. Have "negative" attitudes toward what you observe in the demonstrations of others been removed?
6. Can you give caring to the dramas of the world without any mental or emotional upset?
7. Are you moving as the inner Master directs?
8. Can you give away things you love?
9. Are any contractions from mental disturbances in your aura?
10. Are you able to change your mind at a moment's notice?
11. Can you act as though an angel is doing the body's movement, not the mental controller, ego?
12. Have the dramas you have repeatedly created ended so you no longer contribute disturbance to others?

These qualities must be obvious to qualify for ascension. None of the material that mind consumes is needed. None of the attitudes the ego dictates apply. None of the changes to the Earth cancel these attitudes. Once they are clear, the contribution they provide is much greater than any dismantling of a government, or a monetary condition, or a material demonstration that collapses. All is well in that body, and it can be a light beam for others to look for in the days of darkness.

Claim this in the body that is now being cleansed of its arrogance and ignorance. The "dance of leela" is the divine arrangement that was created by each of you, to open up to an aware consciousness through a mentality of negative responses to what occurs in your life. It is the contract you design for each class you come into body to attend. It contains the ingredients needed to deliver the highest consciousness as answers to the conditions it delivers; answers that are coming from divine consciousness, not mind's opinions. Change these niave opinions to mastery and you are "consciousness itself" as an incarnated energy, not demanding to be observed nor acknowledged; only delivering grace in every moment.

Ascension candidates have this way of being, shining light all over the planet. When they leave, the days of darkness will offer the next phase of development. Can more lights become available? In the next ascension wave these new lights are to become the angels of light that move others onward to yet another opportunity to become their angelic selves. Ones and twos can ascend by themselves as they are ready, but the third wave will be the very last chance to do so as a group for the greatest impact on others.

Why discuss this now? Because what is occurring in the Middle East provides an example of the ascension candidates ability to love without opinion. Are these dramas there for you to discuss as though the answers are in your domain? No. They create opportunities for great discussions about how the human condition has come to this dichotomy, and what can be done to love the dictator as he is and the drama as it is, because all are a reflection of the consciousness contained in the mass consciousness. The many demonstrators represent the many facets of ego in each man or woman's opinionated point of view. The dictator who won't leave is like the director of your facets of ego. If the director can be ousted without attack or negative dialog, he can continue to live an agreeable life. Can this demonstration open the door to what can be done inside your own psyche?

Claim your mastery by all as it is, without any negative dialog about what has occurred or is occurring. Give caring and compassion to those who provide their observers an opportunity to accept their own negativity as the cause. Give away that negativity and ascend.

Change is now abundant, and deception can no longer determine the lives of the masses. Give this a most agreeable welcome.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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