Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving for Ascension

Masters of the Great White Brotherhood are now telling their chelas to get themselves prepared for major change. My messages are not so different from  authentic channelings of the other Ascended Masters. What makes these "new and different" is the lack of control an active mind gives to them, because this channel does not have an active mind. Many comments have been made about my choice of channel, due to this channel's lack of fame before my asking her to deliver this content. Many others claim these messages are her mind's creation. Anyone who talks to her can discern the difference between me and the woman I channel through. We are not alike at all.

Channeling is an art. One who does it well does not get any distortions coming out of their mental capacities. If controllers don't want their contribution, they just concentrate distance challenges to the man or woman's contact area. This is why we chose to move Aruna to Uruguay - to allow us to have the clearest channeling possible. Now that we are almost finished with a major project, we can move her to another area. Why am I telling you this? So you understand that a clear vessel goes where they are moved, not where they may desire to be.

We are asking many of you to move now, but not to avoid changes to the world's condition. One of the reasons is for you to have the ability to adapt before the changes are very major in scope. When there is more karma to clear, moving to the area where this can be most easily cleared can make a major difference in the healing of old difficulties.

Then there is the most common reason: making a difference with your mastery and caring presence. When men and women are almost able to ascend, there is a most beautiful energy around them. Contributing that energy to another area will make this area more open to these higher frequencies. Once opened, we can make a bigger contribution.

Masters need not do anything to contribute light. Presence is all that is needed. Caring, open hearts deliver waves of confidence to those who are not happy. Most of my chelas have already been doing this where they are now. Some are not needed in their current location, so we want their contribution in another area.

When inner guidance calls, it means it is time to leave one area to go to another. Calls are going out now. Can you do this with happy and confident attitudes? Can you accept that all is perfect?

Pretending to be grateful and being grateful are very different. Being grateful has more charge to the heart directing that message. Are you truly grateful and glad to get the call? Are we making you do anything you don't want to do? Never. Your own guidance calls you, not any other guide or teacher. Breaking away from the co-creating methods being taught as a New Age attraction game, this call of inner awareness must not be ignored. No attraction dynamic calls you with the momentum that your own Higher Self does. When the Higher Self calls, do not answer, "I'm attracting this to me". No, you must act as though an angel has appeared and called you for the next delivery on the contract agreement you made for ascension.

My dear ones. When you are able to listen and act, you are ready to ascend. Not until then. Some of you have not achieved the ability to get this inner guidance. This is what I have been asking, over and over again. Can my channel act on her inner guidance? Obviously, we are happy to say "yes", but her move to Uruguay was not only for channeling clarity, it has been to anchor light in an area that needs it.

Prophesy is not the purpose of these messages. Preparing you for ascension is. Why would anyone give many hours of their day to tell you to get ready to ascend? No classroom study can help you do this. Only you can make it happen. My messages have been telling you how. Are you going to accept my messages to be authentic and do what they ask? Or are you curious but not moved. Maybe your mind has you convinced that the ETs are going to do all that needs to be done. All who have accepted this dogma are in for a big disappointment. The dark ETs who have been leading this charge have succeded in manipulating the minds of ascension candidates, and they are now destroying the opportunity to make good on their own contracts. Sad but true! Play all you want with ETs, but take no trace of their lies to heart. Only the divine nature within you can create your ascension. No ETs can.

All of my chelas who are not being called to move need not be concerned about moving. Only those needing this change are getting guided to it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Aruna
    I read your channel at Lightworkers Org and it really grabbed my attention this time as i had this very vivid dream of moving just this past Sunday-1-30-11 which i thought was a mental move and not physical.

    The dream was that i had been put in prison and was lying on the bed when i heard voices, saying this can't be, we must get you out of here immediately so they left. I recognized the voices as Angel voices.

    The Angels returned and said to get packed as i was moving,however i was slow because in disbelief so i packed a few things and stopped.

    They came back and inquired as to why i was not finished packing to leave. I was stil in disbelief but was slowly packing just in case it was true. I said to the Angels that i felt it would take a long time to move so i was not hurrying to pack and the Angels said to me we can have you moved in 5 seconds which shocked me that they could move me so fast so i hurried and got packed to move.

    I feel your words are confirmation!
    Thank you!

  2. I have also been called to physically move to another country. I moved to one country to another since 2009 and yet another move!!! This time is my native country after 17 years not properly living there. I was so confused but now I know the reason. And I am accepting this move with absolute gratitude, joy and sense of mission. "to anchor light in an area that needs it" absolutely made sense to me and now I know my mission as a light worker. Many many thanks for this message.