Sunday, February 13, 2011

Man's Choices in the Next Days

Pre-awakening has more of life's challenges to address than man can imagine. This is because deep memories that have determined the mind's choices need to be demonstrated to be cleared. For life to bring an end of deception, the deception itself needs to be revealed. Have you noticed the things you have avoided are now  appearing to be dealt with? Are your conscious thoughts telling you to keep avoiding them? Yes, that's the ego that desires things to maintain the status quo.

Facts that are now no longer disputable, like corporate control of all the chemicals used in medicine and crop dusting, are not being given much credence in government, as it is the one leveraging that control. Men and women who are attemptimg to live healthy, toxin free lives cannot. No one can depend on any government oversight of any sector of the economy, the agriculture arena, the pharmaceutical companies or the mass collection of mainstream advertisers who control these agencies. Give the free world choice and greed becomes dominant.

After the demise of the dollar as the world's reserve currency, the next currency to go is the euro. Nobody can deny the losses this currency has had to endure. Faith cannot make life easy during these alterations to the total economic arena. Cancel the dreams of money appearing from members of the Galactic Federation. No currency can donate an unlimited amount of their debt financed activities for making the world better. No country has the funds to do it. How can it be done? Ascension.

Less money will be needed when many ascend. Less debt needs to be created for ascension than any other form of change. Only meditation needs to be learned and chelas who are not yet meditating make their goal of ascension impossible to achieve.

Acting as an awake and aware container of divine grace is not the same as being one. When the mind lets go, the breathing creature that has the life to live has more caring, compassion, wisdom and grace to contribute to others. When the heart opens, the love of all can be felt by anyone sensitive to movement of energy.

Chelas who do not choose to ascend can die before the next opportunity to ascend comes. A medicine of grand change will be demanded to be taken by the governments of most countries. A disease of great magnitude will come out of this medicine, so dismal that death will be the desire. No antidote will be available. Are you going to choose ascension? Would you prefer to ascend during this death change? Both can be an option. Once this disease deletes more than 2/3 of the entire population, another ascension opportunity will open.

Because men and women who can ascend are now being guided to prepare to leave, their Mastery will not be as concentrated in any one area. Ascending on the third wave will be to convert all who remain true to their True Self and their chosen destiny - and deliver health to those Masters who have lived through this catastrophe and have not been destroyed by it.

Face the fact that death can come, and get happy with the current moment. Positive attitudes are not to be dissolved, as ascension will be glorious. And what comes after ascension will also be glorious. Wealth in many ways will be found to be available. Good health will give no challenge to governments with this new mindset, and those who depend on drugs for conditions that are not health defeating can depend on nature instead. These medicines are not like the government messages to your cells that make you dependent on their ingredients.

Make the date to ascend the next condition you deal with. It will not get announced by any media agency, only the voice in your God connected diaphragm.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you Saint Germain. Your messages get at the same point, to remind the man how far he and things that make his life have gone. It is the same man who once upon a time didn't know what fear meant. That man who stood tall and saw death straight in its eyes. One thing made the previous man concerned: dying in honour!

    Love you Saint Germain.

  2. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Thank you for letting us know of what is coming. I would like to clarify a passage from this article "A medicine of grand change will be demanded to be taken by the governments of most countries. A disease of great magnitude will come out of this medicine, so dismal that death will be the desire. No antidote will be available.".

    When St. Germain mention "a medicine of grand change" what sort of medicine is he referring to? Is he referring to some sort of medicinal drug/vaccine/supplement or a social political event/change which all the governments and society as a whole have to experience and endure?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Excellent Discourse. Brother of the Violet Flame. A question. Are we not abandoning beloved humanity in our hour of need by Ascension when so much needs to be done here and now. l experienced the Luminous Body of Freedom 3 years ago and came back and every week l am helping something in the new era where l can. Speaking, helping non profits societies, environmental stewardship, inspiring people to connect with Spirit. Helping and inspiring people by email. Praying and Decreeing with people at church. l am always looking to serve where l can, it is just automatic in me. l ask for nothing most times. Is not the path of the Great White Lodge the Path of Earth Service. How can we help if we are not here? My life is very hard but l continue to serve and try to have and maintain the faith of the Christ inside.