Saturday, February 19, 2011

Memories that are not Useful

Continuing where I left off, my message today is again for those who want to ascend. Patience is the way. Give up your concerns, give up your mental conversations, give up your negative thoughts about all the disturbances happening in divine creation. None of these things contain any details you need to focus on right now. One of them actually counters your ability to ascend.

When a negative attitude outweighs a more caring one, man gives this negativity to the mass consciousness. No dream of ascension can include dense attitudes. Gratitude is the answer to changing this, although gratitude is not the goal, deletion of the negativity is. Deletion is a result of that level of consciousness  development that recognizes everything is exactly as it needs to be - when the mind gets over its decision that good is better than bad.

Adults carry memories of dislikes that formed in childhood. Nothing they are disliking has an energy now, except the current one given to the memory. Cause and effect have no dance going, only the mind is at play. Forgive what happened in childhood and allow that negativity to disappear. No thought can change those circumstances, no thought can deliver a different outcome. No thought can clear these feelings. Only contact with the divine heart can delete memories in a complete way.

Acceptance is not the same as deletion. Claiming acceptance means a charge still exists. Contained in that charge is a negative attitude. When there's no charge there's no negative attitude. Notice the disturbance that arises when these old attitudes appear. No charge means that density has been deleted, and no density means ascension can occur.

My concern is that dense attitudes are making a bigger impact than most of my chelas are aware. I am not referring to the anger of the change agents protesting in the streets. I mean the drama that still exists in my chelas' memories. False communications have convinced them all is done when it is not. Chelas are not all at the "light and love" activation level they need to ascend. Memories that contain a charge must be deleted. Now, not on the day the call for ascension comes.

Please delete all the dislikes contained in your childhood memories. Yes, all of these conditions were included in the contract you designed. All of these dramas were your creation, and are not any different from the movies being brought to the mind's attention during a news broadcast. When drama on the screen causes a negative thought to arise, give no attention to that thought. Instead, give thanks for that drama, because it led the way to this ascension opportunity.

All negative dramas come into being to complete the karmic dance. Congratulations for actively dreaming them again, and contracting for them to get deleted. Practices of the mind, like negating the memory, or dropping it into the body's immune system, or converting it into good deeds, are not the same as deleting the cause of the negativity completely. Passive aggressive behavior is leading the dance now, and no one but the dancer can dance it out of existance.

Those who are not completely free of this charge against someone, or the memory of an incident, cannot ascend. Can you understand my concern? Get out of mental delusion about ascension. Being giggly and making light contributions is not a total demonstration of the ascension condition. Just dreaming about conditions of beauty will not delete the anger that is contained in an old memory.

Are these memories being triggered by events in the public news? Can they be considered gifts that can lead to deleting them? Can they be considered the answer to dismantling ego's dream so you can be led to ascension?

Forces created by the controllers mental concepts are going to create new memories that will also need deleting. Consider them all dangerous. Consider them a test of consciousness that needs to be answered with an attitude of detached observation, rather than reactivation of an old, contained attitude. Patience with yourself is a must. These attitudes accumulated over a long "dance of leela" through many lifetimes. Now we need to delete them, and they are coming into your awareness for this exact purpose. Thank all the contributors to these memories and say goodby to their caustic contributions in those memories they are now appearing in. Change always begins in this area of the dream. Collect the dust of these memories in a box, tie it with loving ribbons, and then  let it go. Welcome any tools that can assist you in doing this.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Saint Germain, you know what i've been through in the last few weeks - and specially last few days.

    I've got big memory to handle and YES i know i have to get rid of it, and YES i try my best availabile to get rid of it.

    But give me more obvious tools "that can assist me in doing this". Where are they? Show me, i want to end memories that no longer serve me. I'm so programmed into that like many of us are, so i can't by myself get rid of that right now, or in the next few days.

    Help me with the tools. I can try re-inventing the wheel and try to delete those memories but some tools from Higher Awareness would help a lot. I'd love to contact higher expressions of myself more often, but i'm now faced with "memories" and until i delete them there won't be calmness over here.

    YOUR messages, i consider them a tools. They are great and expose so much things when i apply them onto my dramas, but then i have: okay, problem is here and here so now - how do i get rid of them? As said, i can try many stuff on my own, but please help me with something practical with those memories. Yes, i'm slightly frustrated that some memories affect me so much despite i'm being aware of them. I try, i really do...

  2. I get in this message what is applicable to me. I am fully aware of my responsibilities: what I bring/take to the mass consciousness. The highest good of All is what matters to me more than my personal ascension. Taking your time to address our “dilemmas”, is much appreciated. Love you Saint Germain, and thank you Aruna.

  3. The Violet Flame is known to be a very powerful tool for transmutation

  4. Thank You Saint Germain, these messages for those who want to ascend are very welcomed.

    Thank you Aruna

  5. try Saint Germain's original "I AM Activity"
    all the answers are there.Study and use the Violet flame of forgiving Love to raise all negative energy back to pure God Energy, Love, Light.
    Focus on your individual God Presence, your I Am self
    Saint Germain and many Ascended Masters with almost 4000 dictation all approx 45 minutes long are made available to you, at no cost. Go to the Saint Germain Foundation in Chicago to inquire about groups , temples and Sanctuaries close to you. All the information is in this activity. I have been a student of Saint Germain for 34 years. It works!