Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt and the Next Days

My messages will not give intricate details of the ascension. It is neither desirable nor necessary advice, which is what this blog was created for. What needs to be known is already in the Master Messages and my more current messages. Clear the mind of curiosity. Get comfortable with what has already been given. Make arrangements to leave. This is all you need to add to your knowledge base.

All of those who are now reading these blogs will be kept updated on what the next "need to know" information is. Close the door to another mass of data regarding ascension, as one of the controllers methods of confusing you is to conceive of a "more desirable" alternative and contribute more controversy to the mass consciousness. We, the members of the Great White Brotherhood, are not going to allow this again. What needs to be known will be communicated, please have the patience and control your curious mind. Let whatever comes be okay. Now, we must talk about another most important matter.

France, Germany and the UK are becoming disturbed by the lack of mastery the U.S. claims in dealings with Arabic nations. They are calling for the departure of the Egyptian dictator immediately, not continuing his control any longer. His departure opens the door for a lot of drama, as those in various political factions decide about their own grab for power. When these conflicting ideologies become control oriented, great clashes are to occur. Being outside looking in is very different from what being inside the dialog is like. What these three European powers don't accept, is that the terrorist population is still alive and well in any nation that has Mohammad's call to "kill the infidels" as its major ideology. Some of these believers can easily go to Egypt should violence among the current residents become overt. When the U.S. says, "have a clear, easy transition, beginning now", they are trying to avoid the kind of conflicts that could open up this country to Al Qaeda. When other allies go direct to a nation to ask the dictator to leave, the U.S. has no choice but to defy them, and this looks bad for the U.S. position. My concern is this: Making the dictator leave has more consequences that must be considered than just dealing with current opposition groups. This country has a major role to play in other country's decisions, and giving this dictator a "move out ultimatum" can create chaos in many countries, not only his own.

Change must come to all of these countries, but which of the dreamers will land their dream as a government? Politics aside, competent leaders are not going to appear out of the debris left in the center of Cairo. Nor are they coming from the countries most able candidates who don't care to be in that position. What will emerge is three men who have their own dictator desires. Now, which one will lead? That is up to the electorate, and only time can determine this. But the agenda of all of them will be against the U.S. agenda and reflect the Arabic nations desire for a change in the way the U.S. and Israel are co-joined.

More details of this continuing anger controlled drama will cause the U.S. and the Arabic nations to look back at all previous U.S. engagement with Arabic nations and determine how the "new and different" cry can make this area a disaster zone. When the door opens a Master can lead with grace, but no Masters are in the Egyptian area now, and there must be more dialog with Mubarak before declaring him an outcast.

More light is needed in this area. Any of you who feel so called, please go there. Not to engage in current events, go to an area that is not volatile and do a lot of meditation.

Half of the world is not letting go of their control attitudes to accept the light. The other half needs to make its light much brighter. Facing the most difficult tasks you've ever agreed to tackle, with a caring and giving attitude, has that effect.

Past and future are both acting out in the NOW. Making a new and different future must include healing the past. Are these words making the impact they need? Get on with the things that inner wisdom is calling you to do in the "healing the past" department. Any charge that remains about a past occurrence needs to be released. There are no answers on the horizon, they are all within open hearts, from the Masters who dwell within you. Give this message great attention. A lot of inner guidance about letting go of the past has not yet been dealt with.

My dear ones, we love you as you are. We want you to open up to receive the love that you are deserving. Make that possible by releasing any remaining contractions.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. What can we do to help Egypt? I pray for the best possible outcome that is for the highest good of humanity. I want to know how we can help. When I meditate I send peace to Egypt and I also "OM" for Egypt as well to bring healing. Please, Master Saint Germain, guide those who want to help in a direction that is conducive for the greatest good of humanity.

    Thank you.

  2. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Would you be able to share with us, what are the Illuminati controllers and their cohorts up to at this moment? Are these people involved in causing this situation? Or is it part of an overall scheme by others to oust them from power?

    Would this event in Egypt, Tunisia and the many parts of the Middle East be the start of a series of domino effects which ultimately cause the entire current social-political economic system to collapse all over the world?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Estamos em Transição e toda mudança há escolhas, cabendo a nós entender e aceitar o livre arbítrio.

    Paz e Bem!

  4. SG wrote: "Making a new and different future must include healing the past. Are these words making the impact they need? Get on with the things that inner wisdom is calling you to do in the "healing the past" department. Any charge that remains about a past occurrence needs to be released."

    Like many others, I thought I was "forgiving and getting over" the past hurts. This is not true. Coupled with my new practice of sitting in silence twice a day, and being re-directed to read and apply the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson in "The Emotion Code", I have been shocked to discover dozens of intense emotional shocks that reside in me and are still very active.

    I urge all who read this blog and who are intending ascension at the end of this lifetime, to find this book and use it. It is practical and gets results.

  5. Prior to Master Saint Germain's message, I was agitating why the Obama administration was being slow to ask President Mubaraki to step down. I concurr with Master Saint Germain that the US should be slow to act, due to my concern against terror groups taking advantage of the uprising.

    Anyways, its not clear who could lead Egypt immediately. When I look at the newly appointed Vice President, I feel he has a potential to be another dictator, just a feeling.

    That aside, I still have reservations about specialness, regarding the middle east's destructive politics and complex religious extremities.

    I am ascending, yet weary of the blantant ignorance that this region;s peoples fail to address; the self destructive blindness of Zionist racism and the fatalist aggression of Islamic fundamentalists.

    The 5th Dimension has distinct communities. I am concerned at 3rd Dimensional level, our inability to resolve some of the human strife and human divisions keeps pushing forward the unresolved conflicts and separatist constructs to the next level.