Monday, February 7, 2011

What Chelas are Experiencing

My dear ones. Are coincidences becoming more obvious? Can the goals of the day be easily achieved? Are the most challenging games of life getting easier to play? Most of these qualities of life are now becoming the common experience of many of my chelas. Why? Because their work has been done.

When no more karma is left to demand attention, and no more deep anger is left to clear, man can gift others with his Presence and have a life experience without contractions. Change to his nature cannot come to a man (or woman) as an energetic lifting of negativity. It comes only to those willing to accept the call of their own heart and not look at others as the cause of their dramas. In one moment, a change in perspective can completely alter a man's daily life. Nothing else can change your awareness. Only confronting your negative emotions can.

Nothing has been done to you that the contract does not contain. All your friends came in as angels to let you know you are cared about. All the difficult lesson givers were also contracted, to deliver to you what was needed to complete your contract. Not one accident occurred. Following the dark was agreed. Allowing in the light was also agreed. Every condition of your entire existence was pre-planned, and the one who planned it was you!

Freedom comes with the willingness to accept that this is how things are. Not accepting this, denying any responsibility for all the negativity that occurs, will keep you dense. Awakening to the Truth means to wake-up to the consciousness of Oneness as the bottom line.

Positive thinking does not erase contractions. Affirmations are no match for, or a controller of, contractions. All contractions are demands of the mind to gain insight into the details of an event. An event that was the cause of a contraction can be viewed differently, and another attitude towards it can delete that contraction. For example: a child who was contracted as a result of one of its parents demanding a certain, (not accepted at the time) change to his behavior. If this change turned out to have helped him have more caring contact with others than that deleted behavior would have allowed, this could now be seen as a gift, instead of a draining detail.

Many contractions are cellular in nature, coming from the negative emotions of ancestors. Negative behaviors can cause contractions in those who do not know that they can accept others as they are without taking on their concepts or their non-aligned characteristics by mistake. Are they mistakes? Never. They are conditions created for learning about duality, and the difference between love and density. Whenever a dark cloud appears, there's a lesson on the other side of it.

Chelas are students and all "others" are their teachers. All humans are not chelas, only those who are at the awareness level of choosing a life of consciousness development. Not all are able to understand such things. Your parents may not be chelas. Your consciousness has nothing to do with the people you chose to gift you with their teachings. Your growth in awareness came from other arenas, like the current one. Not necessarily other lives. Many chelas are now incarnated for the very first time. What determines consciousness and the development of it is whether new awareness can be gained from a human contract.

No disrespect is due to those who are not chelas. Eliminating their drama would erase the consciousness expanding opportunities that chelas grow from. What is different is the reason they are incarnated. It is not growth in consciousness, but their karmic learning, and all of their karma has much to teach chelas about duality. When an adept goes to Earth class, it is to learn from direct experience what the karmic dramas are all about, not to get caught in them.

Prayer is one way of deleting a drama from an adept's mature nature. Asking God to purify the mind is the beginning of completing a karmic dance. Another way of doing this is with yoga, all the variations of it. Another is love - adding love to the aura makes an adept a chela. Graduation can occur only when awareness and love are combined.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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