Monday, February 21, 2011

New Concepts about Change

Chelas have no concept of what has been going on in the countries making their leaders leave. All the news media can observe and disseminate is about the local dismay at their leader's dominance, not the death and corruption of these regimes. Giving rise to the overthrow of these dictators was a monumental energy against them that came out of a mass consciousness of discontent. Ownership of this discontent can do a lot more than create new governments - it can move mountains.

Change of all content that is less than desired must be done, and that includes the content of non-aligned disturbances in the heart of the body of each chela. Allow this discontent to be made alive and active. Act like this discontent has more clout than the dictator in your own mental body. Change the dynamic in the construct of the day's momentum. Passive agreement by doing nothing keeps disturbance alive. Control of man's choices has to be deposed. Call for the removal of the dictator. Who is the dictator? Your mind.

Hearts are coming out of hiding. Change the content of the day's management. Fire the manager. Give the heart a chance to become the life co-creator, co-creating with all of the One with its own conscious mantra: I AM THAT I AM.

Choices can be determined by this denied Master when the dominating controller has gone to another mode of daily activities. Concern, management, contraction  and dominance are not needed. Only assistance to ground and grow the Master within's guidance and delivery of mass conscousness news. Chelas, unite the world by acting on heart decisions. No man has the ability to overthrow a government leader alone. Mass consciousness can. Mass consciousness has now become stronger than the controllers. Now there can be the overthrow of man's own controller.

Bands of contact that come out of the aura of those who can delete their own dictator are making waves of leaders to arise when they never considered themselves leaders before. After the control of a country has dismantled its government, the new leaders need to accept leadership. Grand change to be sure. But those who are able to get leadership from their own consciousness can do it!

The next days will see more countries take to the streets. Africa has many dictators to remove. And all who are observing this great change need to realize this was a demonstration of how God works.

Mass change can only occur when man's inner call overrides his fear based mind. Closed minds cannot be led by this divine awareness. Open minds are able to act on their intuition to find their way to take action. Gathering in groups is the most effective way to overrule the controllers. Giving them no demands individually makes no martyrs. Acting in concert makes the leaders more discreet and less likely to be removed from the action. Change has begun. It will not end in the next days unless enough of you can give your heart's attitude to the group energy to deliver new answers.

As fear is overtaken by dreams of the next days content, many more governments will topple. Can we say the same of man's mental directors?

Welcome to the change that you've been waiting for. Mass consciousness has been given a touch of God's magic. As we have mentioned before, God can create magic. Are my words making you look at the God of man's dreams as a controller? None of these magical doings are a drain on the choice making capability each man has. Choice is now more available. Man can always choose his own way. Are the dramas giving you the awareness needed to overthrow your mental dictator?

Pre-ascension changes are great opportunitites to deliver the new awareness needed to ascend. Turbulant times are to create many of this kind of opportunity. Can we get more to fulfill their ascension contracts? Maybe. My desire is still 20,000,000.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 

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  1. We Honour You our Beloved Ascended Master St.Germain and Dear Lady Master Aruna, Thank You so much for the message