Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Angels Are Needed Now

Ponder this: my chelas are not the only members of the Children of God who need these messages. Only a few other Masters are giving out this information. Chelas of other Masters are also needing guidance to ascend.

Help is in a number of forms. One is direct messages, another is channeling from a Master through clear channels, and also, many are guided by their own I AM awareness. All three of these methods can get the news to those who need it.

My chelas are giving me much concern. Many are not getting the message that they are not ready to ascend, that they must Awaken. Ascension is graduation. Masters graduate, not seekers. Once a seeker becomes a Master, ascension can occur. All my chelas may be aware of what Mastery is, but most of them are not Masters. Previous answers to questions about this have not given enough motivation to manage an action. Today's message is to do this.

Graduation comes when the lessons have been learned. Masters are able to give of themselves to another without hesitation. Also, they are able to accept all as they are. No opinions are negative. Open hearts accept all who disagree. Masters don't get nasty about opinions. All opinions are answered with respect. Positive attitudes are always apparent, regardless of the circumstances. Hearts are not closed to anyone. Some of those who claim to be able to ascend cannot depend on my assistance because of their arrogance.

An arrogant attitude means another major answer of man's drama must occur. Give the major drama a new attitude and consciousness can deepen. Only those who are absolutely humble are Masters. Can you convince yourself of my message now? Can the names of channels who are not humble help you act on this major correction to your thinking? Arrogance is not compatible with graduation.

My dear ones, take a look in the mirror. Who do you admire? Is it a most arrogant accomplished one, or is it a giving angel? Angels are my choice. Angels do without asking any attention for their actions. They give to anyone who can accept their giving. They are deliverers of caring. No angel mentions a "notice me" comment. No angel delivers arrogant comments like, "I Am the only one who can care for you." These comments do nothing for anyone. More specifically, they delete the confidence of the one hearing them.

All can be angels. All can care. No one needs anyone else to take care of them. Every Master knows his I AM within can decide who does my work or not. In the next months, many countries are to be given an opportunity to learn about angels. Angels are the ones who give to others. Can this be the drama that deepens your consciousness?

Every Master does what the heart guides. Most of you can do this. Most of you can deepen the consciousness of caring also. Meditation alone will not give a diploma . Giving without any concern about receiving must be demonstrated to graduate.

Ascension can be the most delightful answer to the days to come. Many can ascend. Now is the moment to make certain that arrogance is not the cause of another drama to become humble. Be humble NOW. Ascend with your other members of consciousness who are angels already. Give them the gift of ascension. Be their angel. It takes a great man or woman to be an angel.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you ! I will work on my arrogance and become an angle. I Love you !