Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Give The Kids A Chance

Agriculture is the most critical endeavor to pursue. Growing your own meals, and getting out of the more than devious attempts to minimize your mental capacity, must get your attention. Food cannot be driven by companies that barely provide any nutrition and douse their merchandise with chemicals. Most merchandise consumed by children today is pure sugar. Can't the minds of children be a concern of these companies? Apparently not.

Children with cravings do not get good nourishment. Children need more care given to their diet than adults. Children must not be drugged and controlled by big business. Mothers, God gave you the most precious gift to lead now. And this gift needs all the direction it can get, so it doesn't get caught in hooligan's antics about diet. Your child does not need any medicine, or any chocolate, or any colas, only a lot of caring, and whole grain, and naturally made diets. Wasting away, with no chance at mental advancement, are millions of children who get no nutrition at all, only fat making, business building, death accelerating chemicals. Many die at an early age due to diet. What can be done? Feed children good food. Only then can they grow their full abilities.

Management of diet is the mother's role. When there is no mother, others are the next best caretakers. In all countries, the most developed and the least developed, children need a good diet. Agriculture is the only chance anyone has to get decent nutrition. Food grown in the garden can give more to a child than a full stomach. What cannot be grown at home needs attention. Wholeness is the key. Natural, not drained of all nutritional value, food is the best. Combined with nature's other gifts, meat and fish, most can deny the artificial temptations given by major corporations. Mesmerized children, not overly charged with their own creativity, are not difficult to control, but they are also not going to be contributors to society.

After diet, medicine is the next offender. Children don't need most of the medications they are given. Twenty or more children in a light anchoring community can give more delight than one child near a city. Why? Light anchoring communities don't deliver medicine to their children. They deliver good nutrition, and diets without big quantities of chemicals. Children grow up capable of choosing diets for themselves that give them good mental capabilities.

Half the children on Gaia are not getting good diets. Can they be the next controller driven society? Will they drink and do drugs? Will they make choice for the good of mankind? These characteristics are grown into them by the food they grow on. Purchase a child's diet in a manufactured food outlet, and deprive them of the nourishment they need to make conscious choices.

Marketing to children should be deleted. Adults are the ones who are the actual targets of this marketing. Their money goes where their children ask. Give a child the choice of what it eats, and you are giving the world one more drain on the mass consciousness. Can this catastrophe be avoided?

What did you have to eat today? Take the time to learn about nutrition. Force yourself to learn about natural diets. Choose foods that are closest to nature. Make the decision to give up non-nutritious foods. Once these things are done, medicine will not be the greatest income producer on the planet.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Hello My brother it is a blessing to be able to communicate with you through this looking glass.
    As I work at Tuning this temple to a higher vibration so as not to have to rely on this looking glass. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve. I have found my voice and as you know am about to speak my truth. I humbly offer this voice of I AM to you. I do not fear what some may say when bringing my truth and these messages forth because I know who I AM.Questions will be asked? I am at peace at not having all the answers. I know as I work on making this connection with source more complete the answers will come in that moment.I have a question specifically about ascending soul groups. I can hold light and a sacred space. I can be the example and give compassion those within a soul family who do not seek to change.I have been told as an empowered being I can not be told what to do.I surrender to thy will be done. I have seen the Lads (masters) move energy through those who seek more truth will set you free. I have made a covenant with you my friend as to why not make the words just as sweet as they are so very limiting. I seek your guidance at this time as you have answered all the questions I have held within my consciousness. I love you. I give credit to where credit is do and will speak your words they have been written in light language upon my heart. To KNOW TO DARE TO DO AND TO BE THE EXAMPLE.