Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your Happiness Affects Your Ancestors

Happiness is the most co-creative energy. When you are happy, the fire within you can light another moment of consciousness in the hearts around you. Moments of consciousness add up to more awareness throughout man's creation. Parents who are happy light the light of happiness in their offspring. Children who are happy are a gift of light to all their ancestors.

Ancestors are given a cradle to grave mandate, by the daughters and sons of their energy line, to bring God awareness to their grandchildren. After they move on to other incarnations, they are still carrying mandates from other countries and other matters outside of their current contract. Those mandates are also conditions of energy that play upon them until cleared by offspring of their lineage. Cord cutting through one's own maternal line will do wonders for many of these connected beings.

To do cord cutting, make a mental appointment with a person you are not aligned with. Picture this person (who may be across the miles) in front of you. Then picture the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, or Angels from the Archangel level, around both of these mental images - you and the other person. Make another image of two circles, one around each of you. Then move the circles together until they touch. At that moment, make a most heartfelt command that all cords connecting the two images are cut. Picture a sword slicing the connection between the two circles. When the cord is cut, the images are free to go out of your mind. Your work is done, allowing both aspects of this contract to leave your energy field. Not all will choose to do so. When this occurs, do the imagery again, and maybe a third time, until the two of you are no longer connected.

Making certain that the energy of the other person is no longer connected to yours is most important. Then be sensitive when meeting this person in the future. If there has been no delivery of messages between the two of you before or after the cord was cut, they will not know the cause of the broken connection between you, and since all connections are felt as an active energy in one's make-up until the cord is cut, the cord cutting may appear to be a negative message to them from you. But to your ancestor, it is a blessing, because your release of negative energy in your own field deletes their mandate to be controlled by the behavior of their offspring. Your cord cutting with those you are not aligned to frees them to progress in their current development process.

Answers to more questions will come on another day. Today's message is for all who do not understand that your actions are the key to growth for more than yourself. Your ancestors are also being given clearing when one of their genetic line does clearing work. Show the world that the loving being you really are can be happy for many generations of your family.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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