Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change the Oil Situation NOW

Ponder this: change to man's world is already apparent, so why do so many continue to ignore this? My dear ones, my love of humanity reaches all, not just my chelas. My desire for all is that you are able to change, with all of the different change factors, without fear. Fear makes an energy that doubles the destructive magnitude of current circumstances. Change, in itself, can be great. No change means no growth in consciousness. Today's message may not seem new and different. Maybe you've been told this many times. Here is change that can happen as a result of growth in consciousness:

Make a list of all of man's needs, and do an assessment about the ability to meet them without automobiles, gas driven motors, or charged motors that are dependent on oil to run. Then calculate the number of days you can be without any of these things. Consider the gas needed to be delivered to gas stations to fill all the gas appliances, cars and trucks in one neighborhood to a maximum of one tank a month. Take that amount and cut it by 70%. This is what may be coming to the neighborhood that you live in. And then add another cost to the tank - quadruple it. Now, how can this change be less difficult? Manage with less now! Give up drives that are not necessary for continuing life. Go with groups whenever you can. Give rides to others when you go out. Change more than one of these things and ask neighbors to do the same. Form community groups to shop together, and get co-ops going to distribute food. Gather together local gardeners and discuss the needs of the community. Offer to assist those who can grow the food. Learn about doing with what you have.

Now, my conditions described may seem crazy, with current gas availability, not needing this kind of cutback. My dear friends. NOW is the beginning of the end of these conditions. Many are disturbed by the oil drain in the Gulf of Mexico. Now that this oil has disappeared out of the control of man, there is not much left to drill. Closing oil drilling from oceans is not difficult. Replacing their supply will be. Controlling this money management condition is a network of controllers of the highest order. None of them care about the concerns of your communities. None of them are delivering any options for continuation of human maintenance in the future. None of them do anything for man's deliverance from graft or greed. None of them are your friends! High positions in these cartels are given for obedience.

Give me your attention! Give them less business, and they will look for different answers. Make them look for new devices to harness energy. Make them draw oil to a close. Make them ask for what you want, instead of keeping oil as the most valued commodity on the planet. Madness is coming if you don't demand a different commodity to give you the energy resources you need.

Humans CAN change this! You and your community can do much for the entire world - by consuming LESS. Change can be your way, not the drain on you it is now. Be a leader of change, the way you want it to be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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