Monday, July 26, 2010

Meditation and Creation

Changing the mass consciousness can be done quickly. All this takes is meditation by many people. Not only for one day, but every day. Meditation delivers calm to body, mind and soul. No other method to calm the mind can also do creative work on behalf of your mental decisions. Meditation opens the door to happiness and creativity. New thought streams will continue for many days when you begin to meditate, but once these thoughts are no longer dictating the day's management, they can be deleted as daily guidance. Guidance comes as inspiration or knowing, beyond mental attitudes. Half of the people in the United States are not ready to ascend due to their refusal to meditate. Excuses are not accepted. No matter what attracts the mind, meditation is the most important thing humans can do. Nothing is more important.

Freedom from controlling mental attitudes can only happen when meditation delivers the awareness, "I Am not these thoughts". Thoughts come and thoughts go. Nothing they are claiming is TRUTH. Comments are only opinions. Meditation gives the nature of Self the awareness of man's consciousness, and consciousness is the man's True Identity. The awareness of God never gets made clearer than it does during meditation. Meditation can be an answer to the negative attitudes of the mental body. Mind does not have the ability to provide the Truth, so it makes up stories to deliver as chapters of a memory album to cause disturbance. These are not accurate memories, only an edited, abridged version. Prayer and meditation are both good tools to draw forth the truth of a situation that details these stories more accurately. Once their is resolution of what is contained in these stories, the mind will no longer use them to create negative thoughts.

Practices of all kinds do good things for health. Mental desire and amazing grace are both answers to good health. You will get good feelings delivered as answers to your daily wishes. Wishing for man's greatness cancels negative thinking. Great men ask all the time for good things to happen. Examples of this are: Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, Mahatma Gandhi's asking for Freedom from British rule, Benjamin Franklin brought man powerful changes to the US Constitution, Thomas Edison asked to create more light, Mother Theresa called to God for love for the displaced. Ponder this: Asking for your desires does not need to be a personal request.

Ask and you will receive becomes activated during meditation. Asking does not mean an instant delivery. It causes good feelings that heal, and can advance consciousness, by delivering a desire to the one able to do something about it. Ask and you shall receive means: let the heart lead the way to the development of the future. Call for more peace, more happiness, more caring, more answers to conflicts, etc. Mass consciousness collects these requests and directs creation of those that have the most energy behind them. Put these thoughts into mass consciousness and you can make a change go into creation. Ask daily for what you want.

Material things for yourself are also acceptable wishes, Not as the creative force of group thought, but to design the kind of gifts you would appreciate. Many gifts do come as a result of these requests. God is the greatest creator. God designs all that occurs. Why would God design devastation, death and starvation? Mainly to teach that these things are dark and that the heart can create a different scenario. Both dark and light are needed for men to learn this. Creation needs motivation. The feelings behind creative thoughts are the source of their development. The negative is also driven by man's dark feelings.

Close the door to negative thinking by wishing for what the heart desires. Manifest abundance for all, peace in all hearts, or the end of despair. Call God to the rescue. Ask and give thanks for the action that is being requested. Prayer of this kind can move mountains. Change the drama of controller creation to the delivery of happiness that defeats them. Fear is the creator of darkness. Controllers get their requests filled with negative requests and man's fear. Tell God what you want, and turn the job of creating it over to "him". God is the one who creates, as "he" is asked.

Are you willing to co-create the world as a more loving place? Start telling God that this is what you want.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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