Monday, July 12, 2010

Make Ascension a Goal

Children of God are all naturally conscious of the divine calling of their hearts. Most do not accept this calling, as mental attitudes get more attention. Facing this dilemma, we, the spirit members of this contract to ascend, are committed to getting as many entities as possible to accept the guidance of their own heart. This is not an easy change, as many do not give themselves any quiet moments that could bring them to this conclusion. Anointing them with grace can also be done, but all of the contact we make is non-tangible and cannot be scientifically substantiated. The power of the mind is great. It can make choices that defeat all of God's desires for the body, canceling an entire soul group's ability to ascend.

Suppose you were one of those who chose to ascend in this lifetime, and you were not open to the divine messages needed to complete the required level of Mastery. Would you want more contact with others who are on their way to ascension? Or, would you make the choice to engineer your personal goals by yourself and do things that are not compatible with divine contact? My point is, all those who need my guidance are not getting it. Can you assist? Can you tell them about these messages? Can you discuss the messages with them? Are you able to open someone up to their own heart on what could be the most important day of their life? Can they be in direct contact with God on a day of great danger? Can they open their door to others who are more desperate?

Maybe a person you know is one of your group soul. Face the fact that only an entire group soul can ascend.

Make a decision to help us lead many to ascension. Change the way you think of those who are "not as spiritual" as you. In conversations, are they asking anything about coming events? Are they making a difference to others? Are they giving of themselves? If none of these answers are yes, they may not get the answers from God that are needed to ascend. But if they are just not able to hear our call, they may be open to more than you are now aware.

Changing mental attitudes about anything is not easy. Resistance to most contradictions is natural. But, if the heart is not completely closed, resonance to the guidance of Angels and Masters can be felt. All that is needed may be a conversation with caring friends. Controlling them is not an option. Someone who is controlled cannot be delivered to ascension. Only the desire to be One with God can do this.

Offer the opportunity. Talk to those you dismiss as not being "spiritual". Give them a call. Ask them to get together. Talk about your divine call. Ask for their opinion. Talk to them as respected equals, not discounted outcasts. It is only their mental thought process that demands another lifetime. All will one day discover the negativity of their mind and how it deceives them. But until this is accepted, they may only need a good act of caring to give them the answers their original goal of ascension needs.

Give this to just one person, and maybe your contact with a lone member of an incomplete soul group can help move an entire group to ascension. And when this group ascends, many will be grateful to the one man or woman who made it possible.

All of you can ascend. It doesn't take a Master to tell you this, it only takes a caring guide to lead the way. We, the members of your group who are going to lead the ascension, are grateful for your assistance.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I am facing this dilema of at least 1 of my group ignoring the spiritual calling. the depth of my knowing of our connection to a grouping was many layered & we actualy spoke on the subject of soul grouping a # of yrs ago & have pointed out that these moments of deep, deep connection were not an accident but a syncronisity, getting hardly a twinkle of acknowledgment........what do u do ?????