Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anchoring Light and "Knowing"

Meditation can heighten the awareness of an arrogant mind. Another way to do this is anchoring light. Today my message is about anchoring light.

When the man called Yeshua ben Joseph walked the earth, he did not channel or call to God to tell him what to do. He already "knew" what God would answer. Not because of an advanced condition of his mind, not because he was more connected to God than anyone else, but because of his ability to contain God's energy as it made its way from the cosmos to the earth. His light came through the dam of his mind with no closing of the mind to impede it. His Oneness with God consciousness provided his "knowing". "Knowing" is a demonstration of Mastery. It is not psychic ability, it is much more accurate than that. When one "knows", there is no doubt about accuracy.

Anchoring light is the source of "knowing". Anchoring light is the awareness of God as it is meant to be. Can mental intelligence and "knowing" be different? Yes. Mental answers are not conclusive unless they are given to the mind from "knowing". Scientific studies only consider what is already apparent. "Knowing" does not need proving.

Anchors of light are Masters because the cosmic and the human are One. Yeshua ben Joseph was enlightened. Awakening occurred when he was traveling through areas of the world that were new to him. Masters of Awakened awareness materialized for him in man's image and anointed him with absolution of his negative mind. After his Awakening, he lived in the desert to obtain more awareness. Another Master materialized for him there. Machiventa Melchizadek, the first Master to appear on Earth, told him of his new awareness, and guided him through his demons to more depth of consciousness. He became enlightened on the cross. Why do I tell this to you today? Because YOU are the next Christ consciousness.

Never before have there been as many conditions available for a Oneness mass consciousness to emerge. Never before has Christ consciousness been embodied in groups of Masters who are able to ascend together. Never before have there been men and women needing only the news that who they are is the second coming. Now, the time to ascend is near. Purification of the dross that limits man's growth must be completed. Make this next comment your mantra: "I AM THAT I AM".

This statement can delete the dross and contractions that hold back "knowing". Practice more co-creation with meditation, calling in the light, and advancing the amount of light the body can contain. As the days go by, more and more light will integrate those areas where dross used to be. Fill the mind with more light, and delete the dross from man's consciousness to make another consciousness available - cosmic consciousness. Light anchoring needs only deletion of dross. I AM THAT I AM can do this quickly.

After the dross has cleared, "knowing" what comes next comes from the divine Source. Channeling is different. Channeling does not need the healing and deleting of mental dross that "knowing" does. Channeling, and "knowing", both require emptiness, but "knowing" needs more clearing than channeling does. "Knowing" comes when one mutates all contractions that are contained in the mind and the cells of the body. Hearing the voice of God is not the same as opening a channel of communication with me. God is also the Source of my "knowing."

Humans and animals are the same when it comes to attunement to divine awareness. natural inclination, when fully present, will be the way.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dearest Aruna, thank you so much for making yourself available to be of service in this manner to all of us and the world. Also thanks to Saint Germain for his love and messages at this time. The transformation I AM going through since this blog was made available is hard to put into words in any language.

    Much love and appreciation to you and Saint Germain.

    Camilo H. - Bogota. Colombia SA

  2. I love you my friend. Thank you for always listening to my heart. I here your words and ACT NOW !