Friday, July 30, 2010

What Will Happen to Man in 2012?

Whatever the mind believes creates an energy of that nature to give man an example of that belief. No belief is more than an idea. Facts, that appear to be proven, are the example of this principal. No fact is more than an idea.

Man's dream is: ideas that get to the belief stage, and cause evidence that makes an idea appear as a fact. No facts are accurate, they only appear as evidence of a man's way of thinking.

An example of this is: there has been no materialization of the end of the world. Many times there have been men who believed the mass consciousness dream that the end of the world was near. Bible concept and man's concept contained many details to calculate this occurrence. Predictions by the great Masters were all the current belief of the moment. And man denied the cause and effect law that clearly describes how man creates his own drama. There was no cause creating an end of the world scenario, only an idea, and the idea brought enough conclusive evidence that mass consciousness considered the cause to be God's wrath. There was no truth to this idea at all.

Now, near another date given to man by dreamers of other civilizations, mass consciousness believes that the end of the world will be in 2012. Again, what is the cause? There is no cause, and no cause means there is no accuracy to what some channeling is giving answers about.

My dear ones, 2012 is no different from all the other dates that man accepted as the date the world would disappear. Now, there are many causes of disturbance, and many adjustments are about to occur, and many changes are going to make the world a very different place. But, the continuation of human existence, in man's most creative experience, is NOT going to be disrupted. Many, not so pleasant, things are about to occur. Many great Awakenings are about to change man's ability to gather more accurate conclusions. And, many are going to ascend, completing a cycle that they acted out over many contractions of human destiny.

Prayers about not ending the continuation of mankind's great adventure are distancing the divine creators from an idea that got caught in mass consciousness. Now, there is no cause and there will be no great disturbance that dissolves man's "growth on demand'.

Ponder this: The creators of man's goal to live in duality are going to keep their dream alive. No drama, as the Bible or Koran are predicting, is about to occur. 2012 will be a major change time, and man can decide again about his future. So be it!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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