Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inconsistencies Expand Consciousness

Control of the gap between what now exists, and all that you would like life to be, negates your ability to expand in consciousness. If this were not the case, all countries would be the same. Most of the citizens would be grateful for the most active delights, and complain about the deficiencies. Many would look for defects that did not fit with their choices, and drag down the mass consciousness with negative thinking. Man cannot grow without inconsistencies.

What I mean by growth is: delight in all that is. Can you get delight when another doesn't do things your way? Are you grateful for more options when it comes to choosing new directions? Can you appreciate differences? Face the fact, differences are better catalysts for growth and awareness than delight or any activities that are not so driven.

Many of you have a mental attachment to not changing the characteristics of man's drama. For example: taking drugs that cause mental conditions of altered consciousness. You want to be distanced in all ways from what needs attention. Medications are not an answer to growth. They only dull your mental ability and do temporary adjustments to body misalignment. Consider them a continuation of dreaming. Nothing concrete comes out of medication. More attention is actually necessary to correct non-alignments.

Now that the medication companies have controlled your approach to health, new and different medicines can be used to destroy your mental abilities. Consider the mass consciousness drugged! Get off the medications! Take care of the body with organic or pesticide free food. Add medicine ONLY MOMENTARILY. A medicine that cannot be eliminated is not a cure! Seek advice on good diet and exercise. Daily walks can be the key to good health. Walk, ride a bike, swim. Get air and sun too, don't just do the movements.

Claim control of your own body care. Most doctors are not the ones to guide the direction of a body's health condition. Only doctors who give diet advice can add an advantage to your body's health. As the changes advance and increase, medicines will be marketed to all who ask for medical advice. Get your advice outside of traditional allopathic centers. Go to a natural doctor who understands mind-body medicine.

Cancer cannot be cured by chemotherapy. Cancer can be cured with meals that offer optimum nutrition and discussions about mind's disturbances. Cancer is a man created option. Man chose cancer as a way to die. Change the death creating thoughts, and no cancer will appear.

Pre-change conditions, where you could get major dramas to disappear, are over. Now the conditions are: observe the damage done, give any assistance you can, make a gift of money or another act of aid, and control your own cause and effect attitudes. "Cause attitudes" are mental attitudes that act to create what it is you mentally like or dislike. What you mentally attend to comes to you, one way or another. Passion about doing something can advance the creation of that desire. Passion against something delivers more of the cause and effect drama. Not thinking about a disaster works as a major contribution to containment of more disasters. Not thinking about non-aligned conditions does more for mankind than making the drama an obsessive mental delivery of negative attitudes. Most answers to dilemmas come to a quiet mind. See if you can turn your attention to the consciousness that provides answers, instead of adding any negativity to the mass consciousness.

Conditions are always able to change as the mass consciousness changes. Love the beings being given major disasters. Love those who are grieving. Love all who aid them. Love anything that comes to mind, and don't give any situation more negative thoughts. Bless the country contributing to the life and death consciousness you are able to move beyond with a spiritual Awakening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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