Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happiness And The Mind/Body Connection

Happiness opens the heart. Being happy accelerates the deletion of negativity from the mental body. Happiness cures illness. Happiness can turn around other people's negativity. Pure consciousness is activating the mind/body connection. Mind makes a comment to condemn another, and the body energizing that mental comment takes it in as a negative attack upon itself. All negative thinking attacks man's current existence.

The mental and physical are One. "Others" are mental projections of the One. Mental attacks on any aspect of the One are consumed by your body, just like eating poison. Can the body heal by itself? Yes, when the poison as been deleted. Putting negative thoughts out against ANYONE closes down your body's defense system. Are these thoughts dark because of negative influences? Yes, the darkness of your own negative ego.

This self destruction is more apparent to those who are not on medication, as medication creates delusions about mind/body cause and effect. Medicine not only causes drug related symptoms, it demands more doses so it can continue to delude the mind about its value. Most medicines make no difference when it comes to wellness. Only the mind needs to be cured, and the body will alter its active conditions so it can out picture the new information. If the mind keeps thinking negatively about a condition, the approach of those thoughts does more to concentrate a dis-ease than medicine does to cure it.

Pay attention to your thoughts. If mind creates dis-ease, how can one create health? Stop mentally discussing things that are disturbing. Choose to discuss more appealing topics, that include caring thoughts about anything. For example, "I love today's clouds, because they help me appreciate the days with sunshine." My advice is to always talk about a good feeling topic. Subjects discussed with this positive approach can delete a good dose of negativity's medicine.

Beams of light help to delete the misdirected intentions of the human controllers, because they deny them darkness to douse with more darkness. Happiness converts darkness into more nebulous content, which produces neutrality in its cause and effect demonstration. Policies of a dark nature may continue, and neutrality about them can counter their mandate to destroy. Hearts being open deletes more than just negative options during a crises. More caring attitudes can even counter the dramatic effects of man's control of nature.

Farmers are the most important people in your community. Pause in your day and make a wish for their prosperity. Call out for their ability to be happy, as they grow the food you put into your body. If they add a daily dose of happiness to the good they do with moisture and dryness factors, the food they grow will convey these qualities to the bodies they nurture. Post a message to them to let them know how much they are appreciated. Save them from the crowded communities where no food is grown, so they can get their work done without contamination by crazed men and women. Protect them with mental imagery as much as you can. Plant the fields with them if you have the time and physical ability. Give them help and caring.

Meditate daily for the entire planet. Men may be dodging more catastrophes than anticipated if Mr. Il does what I have predicted in other messages. None of my warnings are being heeded. Bless the men who are able to deny Mr. Il his contact with more countries than South Korea. If he attacks South Korea, he may also attack Japan. His attacks will be towards the Americans there. Pray for all who live in South Korea and Japan. Times are precarious.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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