Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Extinction - Reversible?

Past memories cause many dramas in the present, but most of your cause and effect dramas are about things having nothing to do with today's level of mastery. The cause of today's disasters could be many things, not just one. Most of the great devastations are caused by major movements in the earth's geology, and are not a result of man's mental choices.

More than 50% of the changes that are happening are not actualization of mental energy. Only about 10% have this as their original cause. About 30% of man's difficulties come from only one percent of the entire world population - those who have directly contributed to the deterioration of the environment. This damage by the 1% is now a danger to all.

A policy of non-destruction to man's geographic areas must be created. Masters on other dimensions are most concerned about demonstrations of neglect of the momentous destruction mechanisms that can devastate at any moment. Bombs of all nations must not get activated. No carnage can be completely managed by the change agent delivering it. All who can create carnage can also be candidates to receive it. Brazen attacks on nations like the US can destroy more than one country. Many direct consequences of this one target can be a change to nations on all continents. Clarity about the most critical contract of the major nations is needed, as they are all going to be affected by an attack on any nation that can use nuclear weapons.

South Korea will need more than US aid when North Korea decides to attack. China will be a most important answer to this crazy man's demeanor in the next months. Human mass consciousness may be able to deter the man's convinced mind that he must attack. Welcome any answers to his mental grievance that can be given. Only this can avoid a major attack. The dark mental manipulators are asking for more than any can deliver, so caution must be maintained.

Forests are my next concern. CO2 is being deleted from the New Earth to a non-livable level, as the desecration of forests seems non-reversible. Because of this deletion, man's choice of catastrophes cannot be changed by mental concern or mental control. Only a new, direct action to replace trees can make a difference. Forests are necessary to humans, animals and plant life. Without them, no life on Gaia can maintain itself. Can man completely reverse this cancer that can make most answers to life disappear? Can it be done? Can you do it? What will you do to make more CO2?

Answers are needed NOW. No one country can answer any of these dilemmas alone. No man can do anything meaningful by himself in this regard. All must come together as One voice, one goal, one change.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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