Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Channelings are Different

Chosen to be one of my conduits is a man who delivers many channelings per month. His name has been changed to keep him anonymous so he will not be attacked for what has been published. My words for his publications have been quoted differently than the meaning I intended. My mention of him now is to tell you that this is because he doesn't have Awakened awareness, and cannot fully comprehend all of the channeled information given to him. My dear ones, channeling is not a most accurate conveyance, because the means of transmission comes through a channel of man's consciousness. Man does not allow the channel to open completely. Only an Awakening does this.

Now that the man does a good amount of channeling, his needs are met with the amount of opening he has available, but his mental comprehension makes it necessary for me to carefully construct my messages to be acceptable to his level of understanding. Should he take the next step of continuous unfolding, he can continue to deliver this current level of channeling, and he can also deliver the next level.

Consciousness makes it only possible for us to deliver messages at one's current level of awareness. Being Awake opens the door for my highest teachings, because they are fully comprehended as they come through. Crossing the consciousness bridge takes more awareness of the heart/mind contract and goes to the heart for all mental conversations. Top conduits are all Awake. Those who are not Awake cannot comprehend Awakened messages.

Another confusion about channeling is due to the differences in messengers, how they are chosen on our side, and who can best deliver to them. My channel, the one who doesn't comprehend Awakened Awareness, cannot deliver messages with Awakened nuances, and delivering Awakened messages is now extremely important.

What do I mean when I say, "Awakened"? Completely empty of human mental choices. A full cup has no room for new additions to its contents. A full mind gives merely a moment of complete quiet during channeling. A completely dense mind can only comprehend equivalently dense material. Making a new concept acceptable to a full mind needs maneuvering as well as lifting the vibration of the conduit.

Channeling comes through each channel in a different manner. My male friend uses more drama in his content because his mental connection to the material is more delineated than the connection made with my Awakened channels.

Please pay attention to the message in any form, as all are my words. Some are more direct, are more content driven than others. Make no mistake, to be Awake cancels the need to channel, but it also creates a channel that can deliver more of the TRUTH continuously. Face the fact that all channels are not delivering the quality of accuracy my colleagues and I prefer, but when they are channeling, their material is accurate enough to be delivered.

The quality of a channeling can be based on this criteria:
1. Can the material stand alone without a Master's name on it?
2. Can the material deliver the most significant content?
3. Can the channel distribute the messages to my chelas?
4. There are no "conduit wars" between different channels.

Face the facts that :
1. No channel delivers the most accurately
2. No channel gives all the answers, and
3. My channels are all approved by me. Many still pretend to be me, but are not delivering my words.

Authenticating a channel must be done as an ongoing activity. Always ask about the amount of Christ consciousness available, and don't accept gifts of a metaphysical manner without them being checked out by one who has experience with the gift that was awarded.

My new availability through this channel came along just in time, before the changes are to occur.

Ponder this: Channeling has no collective consciousness itself, but it can be used to take the mind out of its mental drama long enough to deliver a message.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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