Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dealing With Anger

Change comes to make you move anger out of the mass consciousness. Anger dilutes all co-creative energies and destroys creativity. It also causes death: death of man's heartbeat and death of man's mind.

Anger does not kill directly - it diminishes man's motivation to give forth love, and without giving love, one does not get love. Anger needs to be neutralized as it arises, and utilized as an effective gift to communication vs. a negative energy that destroys. Consciously managing anger does more for your co-creative abilities than anything else.

Anger is not "bad"; managing it is a demonstration of awareness. Clearing anger out of man's drama is not easy, as each man is calling forth the lessons needed to move into higher consciousness. Anger must be recognized as a manipulative desire, masked as more awareness than that of another.

Man can generate more heart health by letting anger dissolve the moment it arises. It is not an answer to anything meaningful.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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