Friday, June 25, 2010

Conduits Needed Now

Presents are on the way. Packages of happiness are to be delivered, as care packages from the Angelic kingdom, to answer man's deep condition of darkness. My friends of the Angelic kingdom are materializing gifts like money, gold, healing, consciousness, answers to disasters, climate engineering that clears the air of carbon dioxide, and little drops of condensed danger instead of major cataclysms. Contact with them is now energized by their closeness to humans for materialization activation. By calling for the things you need and desire, they come into your energy vibration.

Those that can communicate with them are to get guidance for their next tasks, and how to maintain their light during the needed changes that will occur. Please take the Course in Channeling that my channel gave for this most critical moment. Both the Masters and Angels are to give messages, and the number of conduits that are needed are not available. Now is the time to co-create the New Earth. Now we need our co-creators. When the Course in Channeling was created, these most important conditions for learning were included:
1. My channel's non-attached consciousness allows me to have my energy available to all who take this course.
2. My advice and my leadership will be given directly to all who have taken this course.
3. My connection to them is made during the course.

My direct contact can keep those more doubting members of the community informed about the Masters' plans for moving them away from danger. When the dangers are coming to their area, a message will be sent via the most clear channels. Many who think they are clear are not. My channeling course includes guidance on how to determine the level of clarity of any communication from entities being channeled.

Ponder this: Are the days to come going to give the New Earth the love needed and the living conditions desired? Or will these conditions not appear because the contact that is needed is not available?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be ordered here.

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