Thursday, June 24, 2010

Manifesting Your Needs

Going to the market in the next months may be a very different experience. None of the energy factors now being managed in these markets will continue to be charged in an ongoing manner. My message today is not for those who can already manifest with charisma and delight, but for anyone who has not mastered their manifesting ability. These chelas are my target audience for today's message.

Manifestation can be done. A new activation in the conscious mind can be turned on. But the conscious mind cannot create a mandate when there is disturbance in the unconscious mind. Positive mental attitudes control the manifestation process, and unconscious negative attitudes get in the way. My guidance today is an absolute call for my chelas' attention to their ability to manifest. Food may be at high risk before long. Not having enough food can create negative attitudes, and this makes manifesting impossible.

Take this day to do an attitude assessment. Can you give up your negative attitudes? Be completely honest. What do you dislike? What makes you angry? Are controlling thoughts outweighing happy thoughts? Are the thoughts about anything in your awareness dismantling your ability to create? Have more "good" things been happening in your life in the last few days? Are you being grateful for all things as they are?

Manifesting needs "good" energy to move density out of the most common areas in your dimension. One of those areas is the mind. Negative thoughts are to be completely ignored. The next area is the more complex drama of the unconscious. This drama can be observed by going to the mirror and asking, "What is it that my life is telling me?" If your goals are not being met, what is the cause? Most of you are being attacked by your own unconscious. When your mental dynamic can be changed, your ability to manifest can be created.

Please do the following:
1. Take time to communicate the drama related to your negativity to me. Write me a letter about the negative answers that you see in the mirror. Send this letter to me with clear mental thoughts, asking me to disburse all the negativity in your heart and mind. Next, close your mind to all these negative thoughts. I am giving them my attention.
2. Confront all incomplete dynamics that bring concern to the mind. Take a moment to give me the details. Ask me to help deal with these concerns. I will do this.
3. Face the fact that change takes time. None of these things can be altered the moment they are noticed. Patience is the next most important consideration. Make the determination that my ability to delete all this negativity needs more time than just one day. Relax, stop draining your own dance of life, and give up your attempts to control things.

Send me your mental letters now. My answers will come as I negate the hostile negativity being delivered out of mass consciousness. I need your absolute deletion of negativity to be able to help you manifest all the things that will be needed during the movement about to occur in your galaxy. Time is not available to negotiate. My call to this message group is to delete negativity NOW. Put yourself in my hands and give thanks for your own growing love vibration that can create anything.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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