Wednesday, June 16, 2010

North Korea Must Not Be Attacked

Military forces are being readied to move against North Korea. If war begins, these combatants are to get more than they are being prepared for. North Korea has many nuclear weapons to use. If they are not contained quickly, they will use them in South Korea.

This military approach must NOT occur. All of creation can be eradicated with just one of these nuclear weapons, not only those areas in close metric distance. Politics must deter this obvious mistake. Man does not have the ability to meet North Korea with might. Even dogma can be met with casualties of an overwhelming nature.

Mr. Kim Jong Il is the only one in charge of making this choice, and his mental nodes do not function normally. He cannot be deterred from making a foolish mistake. Close the door to devastation of his making by giving him another out. An advancement of military troops would be his "coupe de grace", as well as an act of coercion on his part. Taking his mental condition into consideration, continuing any conversation with him will give more time to his decision making process. Call the Congress, write the President, notify the military leaders of the world to leave the area of Mr. Il's domain without an attack.

Consider this a most astute choice, not a condition of weakness. Meditate daily and ask to manifest more love in the leader of North Korea. Any move that appears to be an attack on his country may destroy all of his mental capabilities, and not detonating a bomb will be his most dire consequence on a list of more common demands he asks to be met. Allow him no options of delivering this threat. No option means: giving him no opposition. Be willing to do that!

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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